‘Umno agent in PAS’ gets a drubbing

A PAS-linked blogger launches a vitriolic attack on a veteran party leader following an article in Utusan Malaysia which praised the latter.

(Free Malaysia Today) – A PAS-linked blogger did not mince his words when he labelled a veteran party leader as an Umno agent within Pakatan Rakyat.

According to the blogger, who uses the monicker Tulang Besi, it is an open secret that Selangor exco for religious affairs Hasan Ali works for the other side.

In a posting on his blog Malaysia Waves, Tulang Besi commented on an article in the Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia which praised the PAS leader.

Among others, the daily described Hasan as a fighter, who is not afraid of losing his position in order to safeguard Islam and Malay unity.

“Since Umno’s defeat in several states (in the last general election), when has Utusan praised any Pakatan leader?” asked Tulang Besi.

“The praise heaped by Utusan (on Hasan) is akin to the devil commending someone for his religious devotion,” he added.

‘Hypocrite of the highest order’

Continuing his attack on Hasan, the blogger pointed out that it is the PAS leader who lobbied the party president to join hands with Umno.

“Hasan also spreads Umno’s cheap propaganda amongst PAS members. He is a ‘munafik’ (hypocrite) of the highest order and may Allah punish him for this,” he said.

Tulang Besi also accused Hasan of attempting to sabotage Pakatan on numerous occasions and that his people were involved in the conspiracy to engineer the downfall of Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.