Confirmed … Incompetent Clueless Khazanah to cannibalise MAS for Tony F


Jebat Must Die is bombarding Khazanah CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar for his incompetence. Read here and here.

Yesterday afternon, a close friend of mine came to visit. This friend used to work for someone who was together with Azman and Dato Danny Yusof in Binafikir. He said:

“Gathering from my conversation with him, Azman is just an analyst and talks like a researcher. Danny just a geeky accountant.

Both know nuts about running company operations and managing businesses. They have no idea how to develop business. They only know financial restructuring.

That is why they can’t turnaround companies. Khazanah’s failed to do strategic investment. Agro-business ventures failed. There is no way this people can turnaround MAS. “

Adding to that, this blogger had been told by a high level source that the Wide Unbundling of Asset proposal (WAU) by Binafikir was never their’s.

The source claimed the WAU proposal was almost a carbon copy of a proposal given to the then Minister of Finance, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim sometimes in mid-90s but was rejected.

One can suspiciously speculate that Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop may have got hold of the proposal and extended a copy to them. Azman, Danny, Khazanah and some of the Tingkat 4 are Nor Yakcop’s corporate boys.

However, the source claimed that the difference between Binafikir’s WAU proposal and the received proposal is that the received proposal will not cost the Government any money and could develop the Malaysian aviation industry into a serious regional player.

Unfortunately, Anwar Ibrahim was too dumb to understand the proposal.

And that opportunity have by-passed us. Azman and Danny made money selling Binafikir to Maybank who had no reason to buy with Aseambanker in their fold. Something smells when Danny left Binafikir after only a year.

Whether it is true or false, why reveal this now? It sounds vindictive and personal.

Off course, there is a timing to everything. The reason being the Khazanah people have not being honest in their dealing and conduct of the MAS and Air Asia share swap.

Over the years, their capability to turnaround MAS should have been seriously questioned. If they can’t do it, pass it to Airliners. Not geeky accountants. Not analysts. Not flamboyant salesman. Not IPP operator. Not bankers. Not Butcher from Shell.

But they refused.

It is as though they have something to hide. For sure, Nor Mohamad Yakcop has lots of ex-to-grind against Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli and he would love to see MAS exist no more to hide his sordid past at Bank Negara, MAS and Naluri.