‘Pas’ hudud too narrow and destructive’

A narrow interpretation and non-Muslims will suffer

(New Straits Times) – THE effects of hudud on non-Muslims is very real, said human rights activist Prof Dr Chandra Muzaffar yesterday.

The president of the International Movement for a Just World said most countries which had adopted hudud  had failed to protect  their people and their rights.

“Not a single hudud state can be an example to us.

“Non-Muslims  will suffer should Pas implement hudud laws,” he said during a forum entitled “Hudud and the Legal Implications on non-Muslims”.

The forum was organised by the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (Insap).

Also present were Insap president Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn and MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Dr Chandra also hit out at Pas for its narrow interpretation of hudud,  which he said did not emphasise on forgiveness and reform as stated in the al-Quran.

“The emphasis should not be on prohibitions and punishment, as Islam is about  educating and enlightening. A narrow interpretation can destroy a nation.”

Another speaker, Ustaz Mohd Kamal Saidin, who is religious adviser to the Terengganu menteri besar, criticised Kelantan’s hudud  guidebook.

He claimed the enactment did not follow the proper Islamic hudud guidelines, including on sodomy and rape.

He also said it would be unfair to just implement  hudud  on Muslims but not on non-Muslims, as this would create confusion.