Concept must be translated in Sabah also, says LDP

(Daily Express) – Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is heartened by the Prime Minister’s continued recognition that the concept of power sharing must be reflected and translated in all level of the government administration including in the state government in Sabah.

“He has taken us through a historical journey of how Umno was formed and to the formation of the coalition that led to the development of political and economical stability we have today.

“He recognises the concerted effort of everyone in bringing Malaysia to be what it is today, prosperous and modern.

“He contributed the success to the formula of ‘power sharing’ amongst the various races in the various component parties despite the fact that Malay being dominant,” said LDP President Datuk VK Liew.

Liew, who is a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said that as Najib said the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

It is therefore of great significance that such concept be respected and put in practice without prejudicing the spirit of the coalition that has existed for this long, he said.

“In this regard, I like to stress that we must not let our personal differences and conflict cloud our better judgement and hence affect our emotion.

“The long established principle of power sharing must not be disregarded to the detriment of BN as a whole,” he said. Liew said the Prime Minister had also inspired the Umno delegates to rise in preparation for the coming general election.

He said Najib also reminded all to be in synch with the development of information technology and to use all the available gadgets such as mobile phones and internet portals such as FB, Twitter and others to transmit correct information to the Rakyat.

The campaign method has taken a different dimension in view of this advancement of information technology.”