Gobala thrown out of Dewan

By Patrick Lee, FMT

KUALA LUMPUR: Independent MP N Gobalakrishnan was thrown out of the Dewan Rakyat after he continuously interrupted the sitting.

Dewan bailiffs escorted the Padang Serai MP out of the House on Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar’s orders, after the former had been advised to keep quiet.

“If the Speaker cannot respect (me), why would we want to sit here (in Parliament)?” he yelled as bailiffs approached him.

At the time, Gobalakrishnan was trying to invoke a Standing Order against Permatang Pauh MP (PKR) Anwar Ibrahim for a supposed slight against him.

Anwar had been debating the Parliamentary Select Committee’s (PSC) electoral reform report at around 12.15pm when Gobalakrishnan interrupted.

The one-time PKR MP then proceeded to attack his former boss, demanding an answer over the party’s 2010 elections.

Gobalakrishnan did not relent in his salvos at Anwar, even when Wan Junaidi told him that PKR’s elections had nothing to do with the debate over the PSC.

Though outwardly unaffected, Anwar snidely remarked: “Don’t drink before you enter the Dewan.”

This caused Gobalakrishnan to explode, and demanded that the deputy speaker take action against Anwar.

“He said I was drunk! Anwar said that I was drunk! I want to invoke the Standing Order against him!” he shouted over and over again.

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Wan Junaidi was not impressed with Gobalakrishnan’s outburst. He then ordered the bailiffs to physically carry the raging MP out.

Gobalakrishnan, however, did not stop there. After being escorted out of the Dewan, he charged into the MP’s lounge and started to verbally attack nearby PKR MPs, targeting Kuala Langat parliamentarian Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

The two were then seen shouting at each other in the MP’s lounge. Beruas MP (DAP) Ngeh Koo Ham then intervened, leading a fuming Abdullah Sani out of the lounge.