‘No room for Kita in Kedah’

Kedah PKR claims that voters will choose between Pakatan and Barisan Nasional and Kita does not come into the equation.

(Hawkeye, Free Malaysia Today) – There is no room for a third party in the Kedah political scene. The Kedah PKR said that voters would either support Pakatan or Barisan Nasional.

Kedah PKR committee member V Arumugam said Kita’s designs on Kedah are viewed with suspicion by many voters.

He cited an example of the Bukit Serembau state by-election in 2008 where the present incumbent S Manikumar from PKR faced off with 13 independents plus a BN candidate, yet he managed to win.

“Kita in Kedah just consists of a handful of members. How can they deploy a machinery to contest in seats against us,” he asked.

Arumugam said Kita is indirectly supporting BN, as it is only has one intention, which is to contest against DAP or PKR.

There is suspicion of a hidden agenda and voters nowadays are edging towards a two-party system where they are either comfortable with BN or with Pakatan, Arumugam said.

Kita may see the potential of playing a spoiler’s role and hope to win some seats, so they can leverage on it in an event that either BN or Pakatan cannot capture a two-thirds majority, he said.

There are a total of 36 state seats in Kedah.

Kita, helmed by former Umno and PKR leader Zaid Ibrahim, hopes to become a kingmaker in an event of neither Pakatan, nor BN can decisively win in Kedah, but it would not work that easily due to the maturity of voters here, he said.

Arumugam says that Kita is mistaken if it thinks it has a chance of winning in Kedah, as the voters nowadays are well-informed.