‘Bring back the fighting spirit’

(The Star) – PETALING JAYA: Umno must recover its old fighting spirit that had brought it many successes since independence.

Its leaders have also been asked to shed the “cermin gelap, kereta gelap, baju linen” (dark glasses, dark cars with tinted windscreen and linen clothing) image as people are no longer moved by it.

Council of Former Elected Representatives (Mubarak) president Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Rahman said the spirit which always put the party’s interest over that of any other consideration must be instilled in all party members.

“The jostling for positions must stop.

“Don’t be greedy and don’t sabotage your own candidates if you are not picked. The next general election is pivotal to Umno’s survival,” he said.

He said all members, especially delegates attending the party’s general assembly, must embrace change as any party position would be meaningless if Umno through Barisan Nasional lost in the election.

“The party’s survival hinges on how it performs in the next election. Thus, Umno members must engage people from all backgrounds, regardless of their political leanings,” he said yesterday.

Abdul Aziz called on members of the party’s Youth and Puteri wings to use new media such as blogs and social networking websites to counter the lies spread by the Opposition.

“But they must be more aggressive in questioning the failed policies implemented by the Opposition in the four Pakatan Rakyat-held states.

“It is time for the young to go on the offensive and take the fight to the Opposition in the cyber world,” he added.

Mubarak secretary-general Datuk Paduka Abdul Rahman Ibrahim reminded members that the coming general election might determine the fate of Malay politics.

“The next election will decide whether Malay politics will continue or become history.

“Mistakes, whether big or small, can lead to dire consequences,” he said, adding that the leadership needed to ensure that candidates chosen must be accepted by the majority of voters.

He said being an Umno leader was no longer a ticket to becoming a Yang Berhormat.

“Yet, there are still those who have lost numerous times (in an election) and still expect to be picked as candidates.

“These are the people who must make way for better and winnable candidates,” he added.

Abdul Rahman also reminded members not to forsake party veterans and past leaders.

“This group still holds a degree of influence in respective areas. I call on members to close ranks and engage everyone, be they members or non-members,” he said.