Dissolution of Parliament in March

By Toffee

Expecting the worst Najib has set March for the dissolution of Parliament, it will be after the passing the bill to remove the Internal Security act. The bill will have the full support of Parliament, this time around the BN, and in particular Najib, Mahathir Mohammed, and some of their cronies will want it more than anyone else, even more than those who are currently being held by this draconian piece of legislation.

There will be a motion to repeal the ISA in March and depending on the outcome of the elections the new government if it is led by the BN will reinstate the ISA if they win with  a clear majority, or the bill may be held in ambiance as it will then be awaiting Royal consent and accordingly it will either receive or not receive Royal consent.

This is  the game being played and a plan of this government, fearing that they might be ousted in the next General Elections they are taking all measures to protect themselves. They fear that the armed forces and the police may break ranks and follow the orders of the government of the day, and so in order to ensure that they can use whatever means within their power they may try and retake Parliament by foul means, and if they fail take flight from the country, to do this safely they’ll have to revoke the  ISA lest they become victims of their own folly.

An UMNO source says this was the brain child of the Attorney General who himself is afraid of being held accountable should the Barisan lose the next General Elections. It has received the tacit approval of Mahathir and Najib and the possibility of the formation of another National Operations Council (NOC) is very real, the irony is it is being put in place by Najib Tun Razak – like father like son.

The NOC idea is to be the first option should they lose the General Elections.

Huge sums of money are being transferred out of Malaysia on a daily basis, it is worst than the Indian Black market, and the only person capable of making such transactions is none other than an Indian who masquerades as a Malay, he has a an entire brigade of money changers working for him, he does not need sophisticated banking systems to take that money out.

The situation is rife the man who said what is happening in Syria, and  Egypt cannot happen in Malaysia is now rather quiet, he sees the possibility that it will happen here, the people are fed up, and they want their dignity back. 

The people of Malaysia want their country back and in that process there will be assemblies, peaceful or otherwise, no Malaysian rally has been violent,  it only became violent because the government made it violent by use of brutal police force, and the people who participated in those rallies were victims of violence. It has been proven  in the Tung Shin Hospital incident.  It happened time and time again in Malaysia.

Malaysian football crowds were never violent, they shouted they jeered, they cheered but they were never violent, violence is not our way of life and many a foreigner will attest to that. But his government in pursuit of its own agenda are and have proven to be capable of turning rallies violent if it suits them, safety and human life seems to take a back seat when their own interests are involved.

Elections are due after the March sitting of Parliament, a lot of issues need to be ironed out and as Mahathir put it, Najib has done nothing since he came to office, he has been more preoccupied with his foreign travel, his shopping trips for Rosmah, his promotion of Rosmah to first lady and the immense importance he has given her in Malaysian politics that she is sometimes made to look as the defacto minister of foreign affairs.

Whilst Rosmah basks in her popularity, and her ability to appear daily in the press, more often than the Deputy PM and even the PM, in fact more often than any minister and members of Parliament, the Malaysian community and more particularly the Malays are angry at her arrogance, and her lavishness and though many may not be familiar with the famed Maria Antoinette, they are with Imelda Marcos and have drawn a parallel between the two.