Contact your MP now!

The Peaceful Assembly Bill announced earlier this week has many restrictions which would severely affect the freedom of assembly that all Malaysians are promised under the Federal Constitution.

This Bill is scheduled to for its second reading and debates in Parliament this coming Tuesday (29 Nov) and it only requires a simple majority of votes from the MPs who are present, before it is passed. Out of the 222 MPs in the Dewan, there are 137 from BN, 75 from PR and 10 others. 

Hence, it is crucial for us to get each of our MPs to voice our rejection of this Bill!

Let’s contact our MP now! Here’s 4-easy-steps to do it:

 1)    Know which constituency / area you are in Visit the  SPR/EC (Election Commission) website,

  • key in IC # 
  • and get the code for your Parliament ( e.g. P010 – Kuala Kedah)

2)    Visit the Parlimen website to get your MP’s name and contact details.

  • Go to Dewan Rakyat > Ahli Dewan > Select Negeri

3)    Now you know who your MP is! You can:

a.    Email (cc us: hellomp.2011[at] or Fax the following text: