The case against MCA

By Joyselling Ton via The Malaysian Insider

Not a day goes by without  Dr Chua Soi Lek and his gang trying to get Malaysian Chinese to support them — and they do not do so by showing themselves to be a superior product than the competition, namely, the DAP, but by scare-mongering.

These are the favourite tools and tactics devised by the MCA’s war room, which is helmed by MCA politicians and The Star journalists like Wong Chun Wai, and assisted by funds from Huaren.

1) The hudud scare. MCA hopes that by constantly harping on PAS and hudud law, the Malaysian Chinese voters will desert DAP and Pakatan Rakyat, and give their support to MCA and Barisan Nasional.

But these self-serving politicians from MCA and their propaganda machine, The Star, do not want to acknowledge one fact that cannot be challenged: Malaysia was declared an Islamic state by Umno and  it was under Umno that religious intolerance has become noticeable here. And while this was happening, MCA politician collaborated with their Umno partners.

A case in point is the legislation in Selangor that allowed Jais officials to raid the Damansara Utama Methodist Church. The enactment was passed in the Selangor assembly under the then Barisan Nasional government.

So it is really disingenuous for MCA now to talk about DAP selling out to PAS, or stoke talk about hudud. And another point to ponder: Given Umno’s track record of trying to outdo PAS, isn’t it likely that the extremists of Umno will introduce some form of hudud sooner than later? And then, like the political eunuchs they are and proven to be, the MCA will be silent.

2) Let MCA be the check and balance. According to the party officials in Penang, the people there should give MCA a chance to keep the Pakatan Rakyat government there honest.

This plea is interesting on two counts: it acknowledges that the voters of Penang are likely to return Lim Guan Eng and comrades to power and, by extension, this would mean that the DAP/PR government have done a good job.

So why should the voters give MCA a few seats? They have performed poorly in the assembly and were completely cowed by Umno Penang when the state was under the control of BN.

3) Notice how silent Dr Chua Soi Lek and MCA have been on the National Feedlot scandal. Do they dare to condemn Shahrizat Jalil or Khairy Jamaluddin for his ridiculous defence of the mismanagement and abuse? Do they even dare to challenge Utusan Malaysia when it makes scurrilous allegations against non-Malays?

The MCA is a party of politicians interested in their own welfare. It is helmed by a president who still harbours hopes of being a minister despite moral failings. It is a party that has presided over the biggest financial scandal in history: The PKFZ.

This is a scandal that could cost the taxpayers RM12 billion! And they ask us to be afraid of PAS and hudud. Heck, they have been castrating us all these years even without hudud.

If I have one wish, it is for the likes of MCA and Gerakan to be annihilated at the comings polls.

Because they have collaborated with a party that has damaged our beloved Malaysia.