Taxi service to airport

By Fendyoasis

I am writing in response to the MAS-AIR ASIA deal article. This has hot nothing to do with the deal but I just want to talk about the taxis in the airport and the little Napolean sucking us dry.

I don’t own a car and I use the taxis all the time.

Now, have you ever wondered at the ludicrousness of the charge of taking taxis to the airport?

Do you know that taxis that drive passengers to the airport will charge the passenger an extra RM12 (if I am not mistaken) as compensation for them not to take any passengers from the airport back to town? They can’t take any passengers from the airport or they will get a fine. Why is this? To protect the cronies of the taxi companies that run the airport so they will always have passengers from the airport. A taxi driver said to me that Nazri holds these companies. I don’t know I am just quoting him, so don’t saman me please.

Now isn’t this a waste of our money? Why must we waste extra RM12 bucks just so that the business of airport taxis be profitable? Why can’t we not pay the RM12 bucks and the taxi driver that drives us to the airport can pick up passengers from the airport and charge them by the taxi meter? No need to pay any extra charges at all. The taxi driver is happy, I am happy because I have to pay less. And in the end the economy is thriving at an efficient manner at the least cost for me and the taxi driver can maximize profit. Right?

This is what is happening on how Malaysia is being run. We don’t need to think of the complications of the MAS and Air Asia deal. Just see the charges of taxi service to the airport and we can see the little Napoleans at work.

On a side note, kinda like charging tax for imported cars to force us to buy Proton cars. And they always ask us to reduce the cost of living. Why don’t they just abolish the AP so that we can just buy cheap cars? Then we don’t need to be burdened with an 11-year car loan. Proton can die after that. We really have stupid people running Malaysia now.