Assembly Bill bars those below 15

The Peaceful Assembly Bill also allows the police to dictate the terms in order to preserve security and public order.

(Free Malaysia Today) – The much-awaited Peaceful Assembly Bill was tabled in Parliament this morning and among others prohibits children below the age of 15 from participating in public assemblies.

The bill, which allows the police to determine the terms in order to maintain public order, stresses that children cannot be recruited or be allowed to attend such events.

Those who flout these rules will be slapped with a fine not exceeding RM20,000.

Under the Restrictions and Conditions clause, the bill proposes that district police chiefs or OCPDs be empowered to impose restrictions and conditions with regard to an assembly.

To preserve security and public order, the OCPD may determine the date, time, duration and manner of assembly.

The OCPD may also place restrictions based on the concerns and objections of parties with vested interests and on any other matters that the police deem fitting and necessary.

The bill was tabled by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz in the Dewan Rakyat for the first reading together with a bill to amend the Police Act 1967, namely Section 27 which stipulates that a police permit is required for an assembly.

Among the salient points of the Peaceful Assembly Bill are: