Is MCA staunchly anti-Islam?

Of course Chua is going all out to oppose and insult Hudud because, if he had embraced Islam, he would have been stoned to death for cheating on his wife and family.

By Jackson Ng, Retired Journalist

WHAT a sick joke and a mismatch! The MCA is organising a forum themed “Hudud and Its Implications on Non-Muslims in Malaysia” on Dec 4.

And of all the people, the adulterer and MCA president Chua Soi Lek, will deliver the keynote address as well as the closing remarks.

In the first place, is Chua a Muslim? Has he converted? Does he really understand Hudud? What makes him an authority of Hudud? Is the word “zina” in his dictionary?

Of course he is going all out to oppose and insult Hudud because, if he had embraced Islam, he would have been stoned to death for cheating on his wife and family.

Chua and non-Muslims have no standing to oppose the practice of Muslims and Islam. The Muslims also have no right to oppose the practice of other religions.

It is only the rampant exploitation of race and religion by skewered politicians, especially those from Barisan Nasional (BN), Malaysians are kept emotionally at their edge. That is exactly what the BN wants. Instil fear on everyone to serve its long adopted divide-and-rule political strategy.

With all the degrading and insulting remarks coming from MCA, Chua and his cronies, where are the defenders of Islam?

Where are the likes of Perkasa and Umno? Are these two self- proclaimed champion pretenders of “Malaysia is an Islamic state” endorsing MCA’s stand? If so, then the Muslims in Umno do not really believe in Islam and Hudud. As Umno cannot come out to insult Islam and Hudud, it is thus allowing MCA to do it.

To allow a tainted-politician like Chua to even touch on Islam and Hudud is an insult to the Malays. He has no standing and integrity to question the sacred religion and its laws. What is he going to say and how is he going to respond if the Malays start telling Christians and Buddhists how they should practice their religion?

Isn’t the issue as simple as that? For those who continue to espouse that Hudud will affect us, you can continue to argue the issue this way and Malaysians will never reach a consensus. Expressing fear is not a fact. The expressed fear is due to skewered implementation of the law, so don’t blame the law. Blame the enforcement and the idiots exploiting and abusing their power. Blame the government that you elected for allowing all this to happen.

Malaysia is a multi-racial nation and unity hinges on religious and race tolerance. In the first place, religion and race should never have been politicised.

Politics should just be based on social and economic development for the country. It is the bad intentions of politicians who craze for power who are responsible for the country’s current shameful state of affairs – injustice, corruption and erosion of the democratic rights of Malaysians.

With Umno allowing MCA and the pornstar to belittle the sacred values of Hudud as an Islamic criminal law, thereby insulting Islam, am I wrong to say MCA is staunchly anti-Islam?

If so, what is Umno and Perkasa doing about it? Have their tongues been severed?