Dr M’s ‘befriend Perkasa’ riles Kita

The party is disappointed with the former premier’s call on Umno to join hands with the Malay rights group to win votes.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Kita is disappointed with Dr Mahathir Mohamad for asking the Malays to “put their heads in the sand” by urging Umno to befriend Perkasa to win the next general election.

The former premier yesterday warned Umno that it needed allies in Malay rights groups like Perkasa to recoup crucial Malay votes and pinned Barisan Nasional’s 2008 electoral losses on the lack of Malay support.

But Kita described Perkasa as an “organisation that clearly advocates racial hatred and bigotry”.

In a statement, the Zaid Ibrahim-led party pointed out that Mahathir’s winning formula for Umno is about the Malays inwardly huddling together and defending the values espoused in 1946 against outsiders.

It however added that it believes the Malays know better as they have seen how the “Malay-first-Malaysian second” policies have only helped those in power.

“They have seen how those that represent the ‘old Malay order’ trample on their civil and human rights,” Kita stated. “They’ve seen how these policies are an excuse for corruption, nepotism and the abuse of power.”

Kita further tore into the practice of government subsidies as well as the “Hidup Melayu” mantra. It scorned the former as an “opiate for those addicted to voting BN” and the latter as having no place in their children’s future.

“Kita believes that Malays recognise that their future is not in maintaining this fortress mentality. Instead, it is to embrace universal values which include integrity, hard work and tolerance, without losing one’s identity as a Malay.”

“The enlightenment of the Malays comes first from taking their heads out of the sand and their willingness to face the harsh realities of a competitive society.”