PAS stirs more discomfort in Kedah

MCA has alleged that non-Muslim business operators in the state are being forced to ‘close-shop’ for 15 minutes during prayers times.

(Free Malaysia Today) – A directive by the local councils in Kedah for non-Muslim shops to cease operations for 15 minutes during prayer times has riled the Kedah MCA.

Crying foul, the party cited several other regulations imposed by the local councils which infringe on the rights of non-Muslims.

In a statement today, Kedah MCA chairman Chong Itt Chew criticised the Pakatan Rakyat led state government for emulating Kelantan in its approach which he described as ‘a failure’.

Kedah is helmed by PAS’ Azizan Abdul Razak (photo).

“Although the Syariah Criminal Enactment, which was passed in Kelantan in 1993, has yet to be enforced in the state itself, Kedah’s local councils readily adopted its doctrines,” said Chong.

For starters, Chong said, business premises including those that belonged to non-Muslims, are told to cease operations for 15 minutes during Muslim prayer times.

“They are also forced to close their business at 3pm during Ramadan,” alleged Chong.

Threat to license

He claimed that the local councils had also threatened to confiscate their business licenses should the businessmen fail to comply with the regulation.

Chong also raised the unresolved issue of the 40-year swine abattoir which was demolished in 2009.