Few non-Malays in vocational schools

(The Malay Mail) – Malays and Bumiputeras seem to dominate the government’s vocational and technical secondary schools as well as its tertiary training institutions, leaving Malaysia’s other ethnicities behind with only a two per cent representation in these establishments.

This was the concern highlighted by the Action Committee on Technical and Vocational Education Malaysia who tried to submit a memorandum titled: Malaysian Technical and Vocational Education in Malaysia’s Future Development to Deputy Prime Minister also Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Sadly, the Committee was left disappointed despite attempts to meet an officer from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Department.

“We emailed them, called them, sent them letters time and again for months without success. So today we decided to come here and try our luck but all we got was to submit it to the Department’s mailroom,” said the disappointed Committee’s Programme Director Ho Yock Lin.

The Committee chairman Tan Chin Yim said he believed the government needs to take a more pro-active reasure to ensure an ethnic balance in vocational and technical institutions in light of the nation’s move towards being a developed nation by 2020.