UK’s Ofcom Launches Investigation


The UK media regulator, Ofcom, has now announced that it too will launch an investigation into the activities of FBC Media and its association with the Malaysian Government, Sarawak and other regimes with public profile problems.

The announcement comes at the same time as confirmation by the British Foreign Office that it has launched a money laundering investigation into Taib’s assets in the UK.

Ofcom not only has responsibility for BBC World, which has already just published its own report into the scandal, it also supervises the American owned stations CNBC and CNN’s activities in Europe, which are both deeply embroiled in questions surrounding FBC’s global news fixing scandal (see our previous coverage).

The UK’s Independent Newspaper has now taken a leading role in investigating the issue, which represents a level of corruption in the broadcast media on a parallel with the scandal surrounding phone hacking by certain print media.   Today they reported on the revelations about the US economist Jeffrey Sachs.

The Independent has also revealed that FBC was making BBC programmes praising President Mubarak during the height of the ‘Arab Spring’ rebellion against him in Egypt.  The same programme took the opportunity to attack Malaysia’s PKR opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as a supposed Muslim ‘extremist’ backing the popular revolt against the Egyptian dictator. 

Both Mubarak and Najib have now of course been exposed as secret clients of FBC. Meanwhile, the deposed Mubarak’s vast assets of millions of dollars stolen from his people have now been frozen in bank accounts throughout the world.  The story was also taken up today by the UK’s biggest circulation newspaper the Daily Mail and also by the Guardian newspaper.