AirAsia boss vents anger on MAHB

(Bernama) – AirAsia Bhd’s group chief executive officer, Tony Fernandes, has called off a press conference on airport tax which was scheduled later today.

However, he used the social media, Facebook, to vent his frustration at the issue, saying airport taxes should be lower to make them afforable to the common people.

“AirAsia has been fighting to make them cheaper for the common man. Airport taxes are paid by Malaysians and the passengers.

“The money doesn’t go to AirAsia but Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB),” he said in his Facebook today.

He said Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia had given Malaysian airports ideas to increase their income by attracting more airlines.

“Then reduce the charges,” he said.

Fernandes said there were too many empty promises made by Malaysian airports and the airlines were blamed for their poor performance.

“AirAsia wants MAHB to come clean. The new Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (KLIA2) was supposed to be operational in June 2012 and cost RM2 billion,” he said.

It has been reported before that the cost of KLIA2, which has the capability to handle 30 million passengers, will cost more than the initial figure of RM2 billion.

Fernandes also questioned the need for a third runway at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

“Why is KLIA building a third runway when they don’t use dual mode on two runways? Heathrow has 60 million passengers with two runways.

“Fixing the air traffic system would have been cheaper than building another runway,” he said.

On criticisms from four MPs, Fernandes said they had made it very personal.

“Villagers could never fly before. We have worked so hard to make flying affordable and 130 million people have flown due to us,” he said.