Uzbek Connection!


As the saga of Taib and Najib’s global image-building continues to unravel, we can reveal that they not only shared their PR advisors with the notorious dictator of Kazakhstan, but also with the even more horrendous regime of Uzbekistan, where dissidents are boiled alive!

World’s worst daughter? – Gulnara Karimova

FBC Media’s Italian branch concluded a contract with Gulnara Karimova, the notoriously grasping eldest daughter of the country’s savage dictator, to boost her public image as she attempted to launch a global fashion and pop star career.

Younger generation – Gulnara likes to be known as an academic and a politician. However, this is how she promotes her singing career!

Gulnara is regarded as ‘the most hated person in Uzbekistan’, according to diplomatic cables released through WikiLeaks, because of her extraordinary raids on the country’s wealth (which includes oil and gas) and her own flamboyant self-promotion.

She is also regarded as her father, President Islam Karimov’s likely successor and the second most powerful person in the country.

When Gulnara divorced her husband, he was immediately stripped of his favoured monopoly over soft drinks in the country (which was given to her). He took refuge in the United States, but 24 members of his family were then arrested and sent at gunpoint over the border into Afghanistan!

She poses in multiple roles as a billionaire business-woman, pop singer, diplomat, government minister, her country’s permanent representative to the UN as well holding a position as a university academic and acting as patron of various organisations – all thanks to her father’s patronage!

Gulnara showing off her models and designs at Milan Fashion Week

Above all Gulnara wants to be a famous fashion designer and has poured her country’s resources into fashion shows in top locations so she can show-case her talents!

Indeed, Karimova, who has been dubbed ‘The World’s Worst Daughter’, appears to combine plain greed with a burning desire to be considered sexy and artistic, as well as clever. As the pictures below would suggest, Gulnara’s Daddy has provided her with everything, except an ability to see herself as others do!