Khairy: New social contract needed

Non Malays would not mind affirmative action to help Malays provided a clear deadline is worked out under the new agreement, says Umno youth chief.

(Free Malaysia Today) – A new social contract is needed to help forge closer ties among Malaysians, said Umno youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Khairy said among the issues that could be discussed in the new agreement was a clear deadline for all affirmative action policies so as not to create animosity among various races.

Speaking at a forum titled ‘National Unity: From Vision to Action’ organised by the 1Malaysia Foundation, he said a referendum should be held to get masses to support the new deal.

Also present at the forum which was attended by about 70 people, were Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching and Balik Pulau MP Mohd Yusmadi Mohd Yusoff.

Touching on the Malay community, Khairy said he believed that the non Malays would not mind affirmative action to help the Malays, provided a clear deadline is given.

“And after its expiration date, we can start helping people based on merit. All this can be discussed in the new social contract,” said Khairy who is also Rembau MP.

Touching on the New Economic Policy (NEP), he said since its inception in the 1970s, about RM52 billion worth of shares were given to the Malays but only about RM2 billion is left in the hands of the community.

“Though effective, we can question its implementation as previously a lot of funds were used to bail out failed privatisation projects.

“This shows that transferring wealth alone will not help the Malays. We need to create capacity and the know-how in order to sustain the wealth,” said Khairy.