How con artists work (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

And this is why the opposition is not yet ready to form the federal government. They are still too immature and do not respect freedom of choice and freedom of expression. The Seksualiti Merdeka issue is a good enough yardstick to demonstrate how intolerant the opposition is towards freedom of choice and freedom of expression. Can we trust the opposition as the next government?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Mufti of Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, has spoken out on the evil and sin of homosexuality. Harussani’s statement is supported by the Catholic Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute director, Reverend Dr Clarence Devadass. So who says Islam and Catholicism cannot come to an agreement?

It is good that the Muslims and Catholics are united in their opposition to evil and sin. However, to the Muslims and Christians, there is only one type of evil and sin: sex. Everything else is not an evil or sin.

This gives an impression that Islam and Catholicism are only concerned about sex. In fact, they appear paranoid about sex, as if sex is everything and nothing else matters other than sex.

Maybe that is why the history of Islam and Catholicism is a history of discrimination, persecution, murder, ethnic cleansing, injustice, corruption, and whatnot. Whenever the Catholics are in power they oppress the minority and whenever the Muslims are in power they do the same. And that is why most countries choose secularism over a theocracy. They have seen how bad things can be in the hands of the clerics. 

This obsession with sex is mind-boggling. And why oppose only this one so-called evil or sin: sex? What about all the other evils? Why do these Mufti and church leaders maintain a deafening silence on issues of corruption, abuse of power, wastage of public funds, election fraud, discrimination, selective prosecution, etc?

There is only one enemy: sex. There is only one evil: sex. There is only one sin: sex. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is everyone’s concern. They want to know and they want to control what you do. What the politicians are doing to the country is not important.

Hey, get this through your thick heads: 28 million Malaysians are being sodomised by the government every single day of their lives. This, you are not concerned about. What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is the only thing you worry about.

As I said, never trust so-called religious people and politicians. They are all con artists.

Take the story below by Malaysia Chronicle. Everyone is up in arms about the lies from TV3. TV3 twisted the story and made it look like Seksualiti Merdeka is a free sex party. We can see people foaming at the mouth because of this distortion.

Now, I remember when TV3 was said to be telling the truth. TV3 never lies. This was earlier this year when TV3 ran my interview. Utusan Malaysia reported that TV3 said I had retracted my allegation against Rosmah Mansor.

Actually I did not. And it was Utusan Malaysia that said I did. Most people who had not even seen my TV3 interview and based the story on what Utusan Malaysia said started going round the country telling everyone that I had been bought over by Umno. They had not even seen the TV3 interview. But because Utusan Malaysia reported that this was what TV3 said, that was good enough for them.

Even the most corrupted Health Minister in Malaysian history, Chua Jui Meng, told everyone I had been bought. Those in the medical industry have nothing but horror stories to tell about Chua Jui Meng during the time he was the Minister. Imagine him passing judgment on me. It’s like asking Paris Hilton to talk about the evil of sex before marriage.

Malaysia Chronicle should instead talk about the problems between the Chinese in DAP and the Chinese in PKR. They should tell the readers about the serious conflict in Johor, Chua Jui Meng’s state, where PKR has threatened to sabotage DAP with three-corner fights if DAP does not give PKR the seats they want.

DAP is facing a hard time in trying to pacify PKR. Chua Jui Meng needs to prove himself so he wants to make sure that PKR wins as many seats as possible in Johor. But they can’t do this unless they grab all the winnable seats. And that would mean DAP would have to be given the non-winnable seats.

Yes, these types of stories Malaysia Chronicle does not want to run. Instead, the stories they run is about TV3 being a liar — unless it is a TV3 story about Raja Petra Kamarudin. Only then is TV3 not lying. Other times, TV3 is a great liar.

Apalah! The opposition-controlled media is no better than the government-controlled media. And when Malaysia Today reports both sides of the story and allows opposing views they get angry. They want Malaysia Today to run only pro-opposition news and articles.

And this is why the opposition is not yet ready to form the federal government. They are still too immature and do not respect freedom of choice and freedom of expression. The Seksualiti Merdeka issue is a good enough yardstick to demonstrate how intolerant the opposition is towards freedom of choice and freedom of expression. Can we trust the opposition as the next government?


Mufti: Don’t ignore issues of morality

(New Straits Times) – Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said homosexuality is against not only Islam, but also other religions such as Christianity and Buddhism.

“Human rights are human rights, but the morality issues cannot be ignored,” he said.

“Allah has given humans sexual desire to procreate and we are bound by rules and regulations, just like we are given hands and legs to do good both to ourselves and mankind,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

Harussani said he believed that natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes now happening around the world “are trials by God”.

He was commenting on the annual sexuality rights festival, Seksualiti Merdeka. The festival, which celebrates the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, has been held since 2008.

This year’s event, themed “Queer Without Fear”, was scheduled to be held from Nov 9 to 13. However, it was cancelled after police issued an outright ban on Thursday.

Many groups, individuals and religious organisations had voiced their opposition to the event, with two police reports lodged in the city against the organisers.

The public had also been advised not to attend any activity or event relating to the event to avoid arrest.

Other religious leaders stand united in their stance that homosexual acts are violations against divine and natural law.

Catholic Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute director Reverend Dr Clarence Devadass said the Catholic Church teaches that such sexual acts are wrong.

Reverend Philip Tan, provincial head of the Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord, Malaysia, echoed similar views.

“Of course, our Catholic teaching does not condone such homosexual practices, but we still extend our pastoral care to this community.

“We accept them and there are priests and nuns who counsel them on an individual basis when they choose to confide.”


Spinning with TV Tiga: A Najib Razak and team production 

(Malaysia Chronicle) – While I do not usually watch TV3, and cannot remember the last time I switched to it, I did make a point to watch on Monday night. I was curious how they would handle, or spin rather, Marina Mahathir’s support of Ambiga Sreenevasan and her telling off of a TV3 reporter.

Marina had been completely blocked out of the report. Based on TV3’s version, she was never there. Ambiga however was prominently featured being interviewed by police who visited the Tenaganita office in Jalan Gasing.

TV3 then showed Ambiga, visibly angry, daring TV3 to broadcast her comments and threatening to sue them for portraying Seksualiti Merdeka as a free sex party. TV3 broadcast her comments. Now, before you start congratulating TV3 for broadcasting both sides of the story, note that Ambiga was talking in English.

The viewers who watch TV3’s 8pm news broadcast are predominantly Malay. What they would have seen is Ambiga looking angry, waving her arms about and speaking in a language they can’t really understand. Clever TV3, the nation’s only tongue-in-cheek propagandist.

Something needs to be done about the police

And what on earth were the police doing there? Perhaps they have been misled by Khalid Abu Bakar, the Deputy IGP, formerly Selangor CPO and superior officer to Kugan’s tormentors. Also under whose careless watch the shooting death of Aminulrasyid and the horrific Banting murders occurred. Khalid had appeared on NTV7 and made the remarkable declaration that homosexuality was against Malaysian law. It is, of course, an incorrect statement. There is no such law.

And so it goes on, this shameful persecution of minority communities, in this case the LGBT community. They are forced to live in the shadows, in fear, even though they are Malaysian citizens with constitutionally guaranteed protections.

One wonders how long Prime Minister Najib Razak and his government can keep this up.

Atheists conference, anyone?


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