Be fair to PM’s family

By Rizal Omar via The Malaysian Insider

I have not met Datin Seri Rosmah or her children. Neither do I have any connection with the prime minister’s family but I am a regular reader of The Malaysian Insider and other news websites and I think many people have been unfair to her.

People are saying and thinking the worst things about her based on rumours and lies. I also read the report in the West Australian about how her daughter spent A$60,000 (RM192,000) on a shopping spree.

This was proven to be false, just like the accusation that Rosmah bought a ring for RM24 million.

A DAP MP asked a question about the PM’s wife having many Birkin bags which cost several hundred ringgit each. First thing is: is this question by the DAP MP based on factual information or rumours.

And if it is factual, why shouldn’t the First Lady of Malaysia own some expensive items? Is it a sin to dress well and with class?

There is just too much envy and gossiping in this country and not enough emphasis placed on the good charity work being done by Rosmah.

For example, at the Vienna Boys Choir performance a couple of days ago, the audience was pleasantly surprised when an image of the PM’s wife was produced on stage at the end of the show. Even though she is away performing the haj, she delivered a recorded message.

The opposition wants to demonise her and the PM’s family as spendthrift and not connected to reality and the rakyat. If that is based on factual information, then they have a right to do so.

But this bringing down of the PM’s wife is based on rumours and envy. And still she has carried herself with grace and should be respected for her charity work.