Another teen suffers NS abuse

A teenager was allegedly punched and kicked in the stomach by National Service trainers in the Tasik Cini camp.

(Free Malaysia Today) – An 18-year-old boy from Labis, Johor has claimed that he was assaulted by 11 National Service (NS) trainers and that despite him having lodged a report no action had been taken against them.

Tan Hao Hong said today he was hospitalised after he was punched and kicked following a misunderstanding with one of the trainers named “Sam”. The alleged assault took place on Aug 29.

Tan claimed ‘Sam’ held grudges against him since he first joined the NS programme in Tasik Cini, Pahang.

“I was playing with him..held his hand and put it on my legs. The person got angry and then punched me in the stomach and asked me to visit him in a room,” Tan said in his police report lodged at the Brickfields police station today.

The police report was made into copies and distributed to the media at Parliament lobby here.

Tan came with his father and they were accompanied by DAP lawmakers including Seputeh MP Teresa Kok who acted as his translator.

“At about 2230 hours, I went and met the trainer and when I arrived at the room I was punched by him. Then came 11 other trainers to beat me up,” explained Tan.

Shocking abuse

He also claimed the trainer had asked him to give him five sticks of cigarettes.

Tan said he went and complained to the camp’s supervisor and was later taken to the Kuantan Hospital for treatment.He was warded for a day. Tan suffered injuries on the head, stomach and neck.