The solution

Malaysians lament about the racism, religious intolerance, persecution and discrimination that prevail in Malaysia. Thus far, over the last few months, all we are hearing are grumbling, lamenting, bitching, whining, complaining, and whatnot. Everyone has ideas on what is wrong. No one has suggested how to put it right. Well, in that case, I am forced to take matters into my own hands and propose the solution.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

1. Encourage inter-race marriages

a) The government should give a one-off marriage grant and interest free loan to all those who marry outside their race. (Later, say after 20 years or so, ban same-race marriages altogether by passing a law in Parliament to make it illegal to marry someone of your own race).

b) Places in schools, colleges and universities should be reserved for children from mixed marriages. Introduce, say, a 30% quota. (This quota can be increased every five years).

c) If all being equal, those of mixed marriages should be given first priority for jobs. (Later, say after 20 years or so, pass a law where at least 30% of employees must be from mixed marriages).

d) Currently, Malaysia has two classes of citizens — Bumiputeras (first class) and non-Bumiputeras (second class). Create another first class, say mixed or campuran class, and let Bumiputeras be second-class and non-Bumiputeras third-class. (Basically, the mixed class will replace the Umnoputera class, who are higher than the Bumiputera class, and which will now be abolished).

e) Abolish the need for non-Muslims to convert to Islam before they can get married to a Muslim partner. Also, children of mixed marriages must not be forced to follow the religion of their father. Allow them to grow up as freethinkers until they reach the age of 21 (the age when they are allowed to vote) and let them choose what religion they want to follow — or become an atheist if they wish. Religious education for children must be banned and anyone below 21 must not be made to go to the mosque, church or temple.

2. Introduce a single language, identity and culture

a) Vernacular schools and mother-tongue education should be banned. Have only one type of school — national schools that teach in the National Language.

b) All signboards, books and whatnot that are not in the National Language should be banned. Allow only those in the National Language.

c) Allow only Malaysian names on birth certificates. Names that reflect a Malay, Chinese, Indian or native identity must be banned. (The government will come out with a list of approved Malaysian names).

d) Ban all cultural activities. No dances, costumes, festivals, celebrations, holidays, etc., that reflect a Malay, Chinese, Indian or native identity must be allowed. Only Malaysian festivals and culture should be allowed and the Cabinet will decide what this new Malaysian culture/identity will look like. Probably the American culture can be adopted as the new Malaysian culture since it does not reflect Malay, Chinese, Indian or native culture.

Once the above is implemented, by the next generation, say in 20 years time or so, racism, religious intolerance, persecution and discrimination will end and by the third generation there will no longer be any Malays, Chinese, Indians or natives in Malaysia.

The bottom line is, we shall all sacrifice to ensure that after some time we shall become a Malaysia of Malaysians and no longer a Malaysia of Malays, Chinese, Indians and natives. And this plan of action is better than just grumbling, lamenting, bitching, whining, complaining, and whatnot, but doing nothing about it other than blaming ‘the other side’ for all our troubles.