Tail Wags the Dog

By Masterwordsmith

What might happen if a businesswoman who has ZERO clue about running a country becomes the leader of the government? Her favourite response could be “Let’s form a committee” or “Let’s pray about it” in challenging situations.

Obviously, when Barbie Doll won (thanks to help from a sibling and $$$), she had to “protect the interest” of all those who voted for them. However, some Yellows were still in positions of importance. (FYI, Yellows refer to the educated professionals while the Reds refer to the illiterate farmers) and told Barbie Doll, “Please protect our farms from flooding”.

And Barbie Doll might say, “Yep, my good and faithful servant. I will build a wall to protect your farm.”

Thus saith the Barbie Doll, and it was done.

Eventually, the water flowed to another city instead of the farm so the Yellows asked for the water to be released before the rain season to avoid floods. Barbie Doll did not so they had to open the floodgates of Hell, which unleashed its fury onto the Land of Smiles, turning into the Land of Swamps and the Yellows, who own ALL the Industries are screaming while the Reds are rejoicing that the Yellows SUFFER as much as the Farm Boys.

However, they forgot that once the Yellows don’t have any more factories, the Reds ALSO LOSE THEIR Factory Jobs !!!

So, the stupid reds are now pi**ed off that they now have no work, no farms, and no one to blame anymore, so they now take it out on the dykes BY BREAKING THEM in so many places.  And so who suffers? The people.

A fairy tale gone awry? Read the REAL STORY here.

The above scenario is a very painful analogy of how the status quo is sabotaging Pakatan although not as serious and not as visible but still effective nevertheless, especially in Selangor.