The Najibs’ pilgrimage and GE

If the allegation is true that it is nothing more than a political gimmick, Does Najib think manipulating his hajj will assure him of the people’s vote?

Badrul, who is also Rembau branch PKR chief, said he was made to understand that Najib deliberately chose the date Nov 11 after receiving paranormal and astrological advice which said the number 1 is the lucky digit for Najib and Rosmah.

Jeswan Kaur, Free Malaysia Today

News is out that the 13th general election is scheduled for Dec 10. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is expected to dissolve Parliament on Nov 11.

All this will happen once Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor return from their hajj pilgrimage on Nov 6.

Along with this news which was made by Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) chairperson Badrul Hisham Shaharin or better known as CheguBard, came some disturbing revelations.

Naively or otherwise, Badrul said his “inside sources” told him that Najib and Rosmah’s trip to Mecca was related to the image building-cum-enhancement of the PM and his domineering wife.

Badrul went on to say that media coverage has been put in place to provide extensive coverage to the hajj pilgrimage performed by the premier and his wife.

What is astonioshing is the reason behind the airing of the couple’s pilgrimage – to influence and lure the rakyat, especially the Malays in winning their votes come the 13th GE.

“Don’t be surprised if the image or video clip of Najib and Romah entering the Kaabah is aired every night,” Badrul was quoted as saying.

Does Najib think manipulating his hajj will assure him of the people’s vote and victory in the impending general election? Was that the real intent of Najib and Rosmah, to make the full of trials and tribulations journey to Mecca, to perform the hajj?

Najib’s hajj agenda

For those doing the hajj, it is said to be a very “private” affair, between them and God. Donned in the white ihram and devoid of all material comforts, the hajj is performed with the intention of seeking forgiveness for the sins done.

In the case of Najib and Rosmah, misusing the pilgrimage to further their worldly vested interests, i.e. improving their image to win the hearts of voters will put any decent human being to shame.

It was just two months ago that the Selangor Islamic Religious Department or Jais gate-crashed into a thanksgiving dinner organised by the Damansara Utama Methodist Church, accusing the church of trying to convert Muslim guests at the dinner.

It is illegal to proselytise Muslims in Malaysia.

But extremist organisations like Perkasa were far from assured that proselytisation was never the church’s agenda. In retaliation, on Oct 22, the Himpunan Sejuta Umat (Himpun) was organised.

Perkasa, the Malay rights group, lauded the success of Himpun claiming it unified Muslims even from opposing political factions.

Himpun claims to have the backing of 200 NGOs representing four million Muslims nationwide.

Yet the 100,000 seats in the Shah Alam Stadium were glaringly empty with barely 5,000 people turning up for the rally. To the Christian leaders, the Himpun fight is “irrelevant” as no conversion attempts were ever made.

Himpun’s co-organiser, Mohd Yusri Mohamed, had prior to the rally insisted that the rally was not anti-Christian, amid rumblings of uneasiness that it could spark further racial tensions.

What does Perkasa have to say about the Najib-Rosmah hajj pilgrimage, which is all about fulfilling their hidden agenda?