1bestarinet awarded to YTL

Hi RPK, I am sure by now the news is out that 1bestarinet has been awarded to YTL Communications Sdn Bhd. Attached is the notification documents I pulled it from the Ministry of Education website at 1.00 pm today but, by 3.00 pm, it was removed from the MOE website. This whole tender process has been laden with non-protocol (non-compliance to the tender procedures) and is full of suspicion. There were also no proper tender clarifications/specifications, no POC, no negotiations, etc.

I am writing to you today in the hope that you will reveal and investigate further on the following issues that appalled me:
1) Tender is awarded to an unproven service provider.
2) The tender process wreaks of non conformity.
3) This implementation of MBMMBI (as part of 1bestarinet) despite of it being challenged by angry parents and confused school administrators.
4) Tender is very vague (specifications are very brief).
You are welcome to contact me if you require more info.
Concerned citizen of Malaysia