Muhyiddin, oh Muhyiddin

By Gomen Man

Whenever Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin opens his mouth, everyone should remember that he stands a good chance of becoming the prime minister. 

Unlike Dr Novandri Hasan or Khairy Jamaluddin or some junior Umno politician, Muhyiddin is the deputy president of Umno and DPM.

I bring attention to this because of his comments vis-á-vis the now discredited allegations that Lim Guan Eng’s 16 year-old son molested a girl in his school. The principal denied the incident, saying the boy was not even in school at the time of the alleged incident and investigations showed that the girl shopped around by Umno bloggers was a foreigner. The girl has since said that she has not been in Malaysia for seven years. 

So Muhyiddin’s statement that Lim must go beyond just denying this incident is strange. Either the DPM is dense or is the type of politician who loves to support the indefensible. 

But since he is holding Lim to a very burden of proof, perhaps Muhyiddin also should be held to high standard regarding some allegations about him and his family. 

Is Muhyiddin’s son-in-law the mover behind the billion ringgit biometric scanning project? Why was this project pushed through without a back up system? 

Is it true that Prime Minister Najib Razak was against the biometric project and that it was rushed through when the PM was away? 

Was there an open tender for this project or was it a sweetheart deal? 

Is it true that Muhyiddin is marshalling his forces to move against Najib? Is the relationship between their wives very bad? 

This is the discussion among Umno people. So please, Muhyiddin, please privide cogent evidence that all this is not true. 

A bland statement of denial will not do.