Wake up, Malaysians

Ali Kadir, The Malaysian Insider

I find it incredulous that so much angst and disbelief has been exhibited by Opposition politicians, pundits and readers of news portals, including The Malaysian Insider, over the lies that Lim Guan Eng’s son had behaved inappropriately towards a girl in his school and the matter was hushed up.

This is Umno. Should any of us be surprised with politicians from that party?

It has been my point for a while that the only hope for Umno is for the party to lose it all at the next polls, and do a major overhaul while in the wilderness, find new leaders, rediscover a moral core and come back.

The party is tired, bankrupt of ideas or people of integrity. It is a fallacy to believe that the second line of politicians such as Khairy or that Kota Belud MP will be any different from the corrupt batch of ministers and MPs who sad to say are leaders of Malaysia.

They have been cut from the same cloth as the likes of Ibrahim Ali and only know about patronage politics and benefiting from the government largesse of contracts.

At a time when the world economy is slumping and every responsible government is thinking about doing its best to prepare its country for a soft landing, Umno has been doing the only thing it knows what to do — indulge in lies.

No one believes Najib Razak’s growth estimates of 5 and 6 per cent next year, not even the MIER or banks.

But in Parliament, it is business as usual as Umno/BN MPs have been in denial mode (I don’t believe 99 per cent of them even know what they are talking about when they speak about the economy).

So my advice to Lim Guan Eng and the rest of his supporters is stop wasting time by reacting with shock and indignation at the tactics being employed by your opponents. Leopards can’t change their stripes, nor devils change their ways.

The last line is a message that all of us Malaysians should keep in our hearts and ponder.