Politics is not dirty, Umno is!

Indeed, Umno has chosen the path of self-destruction. It has become a disgrace to its own race and religion. It will reap the evil deeds that it has sown with impunity. It will receive the damned destiny it so deserves.

By Martin Jalleh

Darkness descends on Bolehland. Politicians in Umno stoop low, so very low, by resorting to gutter politics of the most disgusting kind never seen before.

The Umnoputras are desperate. They are very disturbed. Dr M has warned them that “…if the general election is held now, Umno may lose big…” mainly due to their own political dystrophy.

Their ground support is slowly disappearing. They may be dumped in the coming General Election and driven out of Putrajaya. They abandon all sense of human decency to remain entrenched.

They are led by a equally desperate president who had proudly declared In the UMNO Assembly last year that there will be “crushed bodies, lost lives and ethnic cleansing” if the status quo was not kept.

Najib is very nervous. He plays a double game and speaks with a forked tongue. He and his party fight for survival at all costs. There are no limits in their political devices to demolish the Opposition – no matter how despicable.

Still in a state of denial, Umno is morally and politically bankrupt. To cling on to their power, popularity, position and privileges, Umno’s warlords have deployed politicians without principles.

The recent baseless slander against the teenage son of Lim Guan Eng by pro-Umno blogs is an indication that they will even drag the children of Opposition leaders into their dirty smear game.

That the Umno Youth chief could even spread the lie, add his snide comments to the slander and later defend himself and justify the dastardly act shows that Umno is devoid of any sense of shame.

The party that portrays itself as the great defender of Islamic and moral values resorts to the most diabolical to defeat its political foes and openly displays its religious disguise and hypocrisy.

Deep in depravity and debauchery Umno becomes laughable with its stories on sexual misconduct. It is not that Opposition leaders are infallible, but that Umno has become just unbelievable!

Further, what a tragic-comedy when the self-declared political champion of the Malays for 61 years have degenerated into a professional producer cum editor, purveyor and pedlar of pornography!

Umno’s script to repair its badly dented image has become so predictable and pathetic. It does not take much to decipher the dangerous direction it has taken to stay in control:

·   Destroy the greatest danger to Umno – Anwar Ibrahim, by launching a relentless and slanderous attack on him with a second sham sodomy trial, sex videos and the help of spin doctors.

·   Damage the credibility and integrity of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders with ceaseless calumnies of wrongdoing and downplaying the successes of the PR states…till the coalition disintegrates.

·   Discredit the coalition with the help of deserters, detractors and disgruntled leaders of PR parties with them spewing out their stale and silly exposé.

·   Demonise, denigrate, defame, disparage, even denounce as traitors those who dissent against or criticize Umno and the government and those who dare to march for genuine political reform.

·   Distract the nation from the failures of the Umno-dominated government and the damning evidence that the country is going to the dogs and we have become a perfect “sham democracy”.

·   Divert the people’s attention from the Umnoputras bleeding the country dry. Deceive the nation with Najib’s publicity stunts and populist slogans. Distort the truth about the economy.

·   Divide and rule this country along racial and religious lines and provide Umno’s newspapers the licence to publish unsubstantiated and wild allegations aimed at fomenting distrust and discord.

·   Drag in the King and the royalty as pawns in their dirty political game. (Umno and Najib have made use of the palace to push and protect their agenda and vested interests.)

Alas, what has Najib, Umno and the BN delivered — a divided nation, decaying institutions, a dour economy with deepening debts, a PM dogged by allegations and a disturbing diaspora rate!

Tengku Razaleigh once so rightly declared that Umno has “indeed lost its soul” and “is tempted more and more to fan racial feeling and abuse public institutions to maintain power. This is a death spiral.”

Indeed, Umno has chosen the path of self-destruction. It has become a disgrace to its own race and religion. It will reap the evil deeds that it has sown with impunity. It will receive the damned destiny it so deserves.