It’s official: PAS, PKR to shun Himpun

However, party leaders say they will not be able to prevent members from attending as individuals.

(Free Malaysia Today) – PAS and PKR leaders confirmed today that their parties would stay away from this Saturday’s Assembly of One Million Believers Defending the Faith (Himpun) at the Shah Alam stadium.

However, both sides said they would not be able to prevent members from attending in their individual capacities.

PAS secretary general Mustafa Ali said the party had barred all of the party’s wings from the gathering, but FMT was unable to get confirmation from PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi whether he would abide by the decision.

Nasrudin yesterday released a media statement declaring PAS Youth’s support for Himpun.

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim told reporters at Parliament that the gathering had the potential to cause communal tension.

“PKR will not be part of that rally,” he said. “We don’t want any rally that can be manipulated to create tension between religions and races.”

But he said PKR did not plan to punish members who decided to attend in their personal capacities.

“I don’t believe we should punish them,” he said. “We are not Umno. We should give them that space, but we strongly advise them not to be involved.”

PAS made its decision last night at a central committee meeting. Party president Abdul Hadi Awang announced it afterwards.

Asked whether PAS would act against disobedient members, Mustafa said: “There are many PAS members. We will not be able to monitor them if they attend the assembly in their private capacities.”