MCA Has Lost The Plot

By Douglas Tan

For some reason or another, my family maintains our subscription of The Star Newspaper. Overall, it is not too a bad read, updating us on local issues and sports news. However, I have the tendency nowadays to skip over the Nation section.

However, glancing through the paper, the MCA has used their mouthpiece to launch another salvo at the DAP. Wee Ka Siong, who still must be smarting over the “MCA girls” controversy has called on the DAP to make their stand clear on hudud and leave Pakatan Rakyat.
Obviously running out of material, he has returned to thump on the hudud issue once again. Hudud has traditionally been one of the favourite issues for Barisan Nasional to flog during the run-up to the election period. They continue to believe that this issue would drive non-Muslims away from the Opposition and return to them. How they are mistaken.
Yes, there is talk about hudud law being implemented in Kelantan. However, it’s implementation is NOT possible, unless the Federal Constitution can be amended to allow it. Secondly, as hudud is not in the Common Framework Policy and the Buku Jingga, Pakatan Rakyat as a coalition government has committed  that they will not implement hudud in any shape or form if they were to take federal power.
Wee Ka Siong and the MCA appears to be now reaching the point of desperation. Rather than looking at solving their own internal issues, they attempt to redirect attention to the DAP. He accuses PR of implementing hard line policies in the four PR run states. What are these policies? Can he prove that this is occurring? Where is he getting this information from or is he just shooting in the wind?
The MCA has steadily lost credibility, not just amongst Malaysian Chinese, but Malaysians in general. They accuse the DAP government in Penang of being anti-Chinese and yet they fail even to protect the interests of the people they purportedly represent. Shouting 1Malaysia at the top of their lungs, they still operate along racial lines.
In this year’s MCA General Assembly, they passed their resolution to abolish school licensing. However, in 54 years of supposedly fighting for the education of our children, our education system has become the laughing stock of Asia. Form 3 students face having to learn Science and Mathematics in Malay once again, having learnt theses subjects in English for 9 years. What does the MCA have to say to that?