CIMB: good money chasing after haram money!

JO & Murak

It seems like our corrupted Najib’s First Family (and ex-PM’s Mahathir Family) are making new friends with fellow corrupted Filipino businessmen, specifically those in San Miguel Corporation.

I previously wrote about the scandal involving Mirzan Mahathir, a director in Petron, San Miguel’s subsidiary, using his brother Mukhriz to swing the sale of Esso Malaysia’s assets to San Miguel. While the shit on Mirzan is still growing and getting dirtier by the day, I want to highlight now, it’s the PM’s brother Nazir Razak’s turn to move Malaysian money out of the country by using CIMB to buy San Miguel’s soon-to-bust Bank of Commerce of the Philippines (as seen here Another special brew in the making.

We Malaysians fail to understand CIMB’s (in fact Nazir Razak’s) move in putting in good clean Halal Bumiputra money to chase after bad haram about-to-bust bank that was built on money made from beer-drinking Filipinos!

We can only conclude that he is following the footsteps of Allah-condemned Mirzan Mahathir to gain assets in San Miguel in readiness for their coming “rainy days” when PR marches into Putrajaya.

Maybe this is not Najib’s doing, but the work of Mahathir, the mastermind. Nazir was known to have differed with his PM brother in opinion over certain policy matters.

Mahathir as “Advisor” to Petronas did not give the correct and wise advice to the company that pays him so bloody well. Any donkey with common sense would have got Petronas to jump on the wagon and grab what ExxonMobil wanted to dispose of. He had his sons Mukhriz to approve and Mirzan (with San Miguel) to take over the assets. All the Mahathirs conveniently and strategically placed.

Aren’t these crooks “Birds of a feather” making overseas nests ready to take off by first available Tony Fernandes’s AirAsia or Ananda Khrishnan’s private Gulfstream jet when the BN’s chips fall at GE13? Classic example of the “ornithological specimens of the identical plumage congregate in closest proximity” so said Oliver Goldsmith.

But alas, that fateful flight from Malaysia with their ill gotten gains may not land them in luxurious karaoke clubs where San Miguel beer is served by a bevy of sparely-clad Filipina beauties, but right into the arms of the Law of Philippines, for one of the kingpins  of San Miguel Corporation, Roberto Ongpin is already being investigated by the Philippines Senate for insider trading, quite the same fate as recent Raj Rajaratnam of Gelleon Group Hedge Fund of the USA (details here

Now Nazir, please don’t pretend to be a saint for you aint one! We know, your overseas hangouts; we name a few for your verification: Estella Bar, Princess Bar, Queen Girl Bar in Manilla, Alexis illGALS in Jakarta, Hooters Paramatta, Hooters Penrith, Hooters Beach plus of course your secret boozing hideout in Mont Kiara.

My Bumi friends just could not care less what arak you drink or which birds you shoot, but for Pete’s sake lay off your filthy haram hands from CIMB stakeholders’ money by taking a stake in a falling Bank Haram. It is well-known to the Rakyat that 90% of all government IPO’s, works, financing, etc. is given to Nazir Razak’s CIMB on a silver platter, we cannot imagine all the Rakyat’s hard earned money pumped into CIMB like giving freebies away, and now Nazir using it like his own money under CIMB’s plans to create a formal link to this crooked haram company and its haram Filipino bank. We want no part of it, you understand?