Angry poetry


Dr Azly Rahman

Shouldn’t have I been angry and write this cranky grumpy poetry

T’s the state of the world so sorry

That has made my brain cells fried and my emotions so roller-coastery

Cool me off by writing poetry

Dip me in Loon Lake or the one where Loch Ness have its weekend party

I am cranky grumpy angry

And I am not sorry …


Thought of taking a walk to Ben and Jerry’s

OD’ed me on a gallon of Chunky Monkey

Started thinking of Malaysia’s Bersih Rally

 Give me that gallon of Yellow Mellow, Ben and Jerry!

I want it now or you won’t like to see me cranky

You capitalist ice cream maker colonialist imperialist ice breaker!

 I am cranky and sweaty

And I am not sorry for this cranky poetry


Yellow Mellow hot potato

Yo’ Malaysians you are so cranky

You masses are angry I’ll spray you with sambal tumis aplenty

Stupid rallies they say

Disturbing the peace of this country that is in harmony

Shut up masses

Hush and shush!

While we steal diamonds, submarines, Twin Towers,  golden yachts,

                                and smuggle them out of the country

Don’t be cranky now

Don’t be grumpy

It’s all a game of who’s mighty!


The heat





Humans are crazy

Radioactive crazy

Terrorists aplenty

Suicide bombers spirituality gone Lucifer-crazy


Black Sabbath Fender Stratocaster Hell-Raising guitar-ripping crazy

Grumpy cranky sweaty I am in the heat of New York city

Country roads take me home Sin City Jay Bee


My body’s sweating with indescribable beauty

Blood sweat tears of industry

Like the workers of the world uniting in harmony

March on walk on carry on

In the heat of the summer night

Bring down the corporate imperialists down to their knees

Globalization ain’t apple pie and cream cheese

A billion served a billion more starved

McJihad McTerror McModern Slavery

Aaargh…hot sweet summer beauty

 this heat is making me write cranky poetry

Stop me

Take away my pen

before I march alongside Wise Old Man Samad Said in his next BERSIH Rally


(DR AZLY RAHMAN, who was born in Singapore and grew up in Johor Baru, holds a Columbia University (New York) doctorate in International Education Development and Master’s degrees in the fields of Education, International Affairs, Peace Studies and Communication. He has taught more than 40 courses in six different departments and has written more than 300 analyses on Malaysia. His teaching experience spans Malaysia and the United States, over a wide range of subjects from elementary to graduate education. He currently resides in the United States.)!/azly.rahman