Hu defies party gag order

(The Star) – PAS Supporters Congress chairman Hu Pang Chaw, who opposes the hudud law championed by the party, said he has been warned not to talk about the issue to the press.

He said, however, he would not stop talking about the possible effects the hudud law will have on non-Muslims.

“The media has the right to know what is happening in the party. I am not afraid to face disciplinary action as what I am doing is for the good of our congress members,” he said in an interview here.

Kelantan PAS Youth chief Abdul Latiff Abdul Rahman in a statement published by had reportedly told Hu not to threaten the state government or the party over the issue.

Abdul Latif said Hu, a former journalist with a Chinese daily here, should discuss his grouses within the party and not go to the media to air his grievances.

“This is the problem, the party is not transparent on this issue,” said Hu.

“It is my opinion that Kelantan PAS should have done the proper groundwork to explain the mechanics of implementing the hudud laws before announcing it to the country,” he said.

“I leave my fate to the top leaders and they can take any action they wish,” he said.

The congress stemmed from the setting up of the PAS Supporters Club at the start of the 2004 general election to draw non-Muslims to the party and to break the hoodoo that the party is against them.

The club became the PAS Supporters Congress and was recognised as a full-fledged party wing in May last year to promote the party’s re-branded “PAS for All” image.

In another development, Kelantan Umno chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamad said more disillusioned PAS members were expected to join Umno.

He said they were not happy that their party seemed more concerned about the hudud law than addressing the bread and butter needs of the people.

“Previously, they kept away from Umno. Now that the political scenario has changed, they have shown interest by attending Umno programmes,” added the International Trade and Industry Minister.

He was speaking to reporters at a function where more than 300 PAS members handed their applications to join Umno at Kampung Kursial Baru in Tanah Merah on Tuesday.

Former Kampung Baru Kursial Baru PAS branch secretary Zahari Hamat, 46, said he was fed up with the empty promises made by party leaders to champion the cause of the people.