What are you looking for?

Over the last month or so, since Malaysia Today opened up the comments section to all and sundry and allowed readers to post ‘no-holds-barred’ comments — even when they were stupid, bigoted, out of topic, bad language, etc. — we have read many views, some of them warped as well. But we are yet to read about THE most important view of all, and that is what it is that you are looking for. Today, we shall discuss that. 


Raja Petra Kamarudin


As a guide (but not necessarily you MUST touch on all these issues), you may want to take into consideration the present state of affairs in Malaysia, what in your opinion is wrong with the country, and what you would like to see as the NEW DEAL (New Deal meaning changes, reforms, better system, etc., and could be about the health, education, economic, judicial, etc., system(s)).

You may also want to touch on what you view as the limitations or obstacles (such as cultural, religious, economic, historical, legal, etc.) that the government would face if it wanted to implement some of these proposals and therefore what kind of compromises and how far these compromises would have to go to at least meet these aspirations part of the way.

I have used the word ‘government’ not in the context of the present Barisan Nasional government or the ‘future’ Pakatan Rakyat government but as government in general (meaning that we should not concern ourselves about who forms that government but that whosoever does form the government would have to do all this — a hypothetical government of sorts).

A short 500-word essay would be good rather than one-liners, but it is crucial that your essay is not out of topic or flies off tangent.