Utusan says Manoharan let off hook to save Guan Eng

By Melissa Chi, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — Utusan Malaysia said today DAP’s lifting of assemblyman M. Manoharan’s suspension was to “save” Lim Guan Eng from facing disciplinary action over his recent Johor remarks.

The Umno-owned newspaper said that suspending the Kota Alam Shah representative “will invite pressure from a lot of people” especially Indians.

“Manoharan has only been freed to save him. The party had missed the opportunity to show that they are not racist. DAP’s leadership can sense that the suspension will spark more dissatisfaction among Indian members and supporters.

“Guan Eng is again shielded. Other than being Kit Siang’s son, and holding an important position, his skin is lighter than Manoharan’s,” Awang Selamat, a pseudonym used by the newspaper’s editors, wrote in its weekend edition Mingguan Malaysia.

Awang said the DAP secretary general had committed a much more serious offence as compared to Manoharan who had called for the national flag to be changed.

“There are people who saw Guan Eng’s actions as an attempt to sabotage Johor’s economy and to ruin the country’s image.

“Guan Eng’s actions shocked Malaysians especially Johor residents. A lot of people were hurt including the Johor Sultan, and the police who have worked hard to reduce the crime rate in the state,” he said in his column.

Although Lim had apologised on September 30, Awang said his method was “not gentlemanly” as the Bagan MP had blamed the media for playing up the issue.