The Old Man and the Donkey

By Totalecology

In the snooker game of politics, Spin Dr. Mahatir Devil with a single stroke of the Hudud cue stick, has helplessly thrown the fragile cluster of Opposition Coalition billiard balls into disarray. In a smoke screen thrown off by the media to distract an unsuspecting public, the PAS Man & his DAP Son is seen with a Hudud Donkey.

 And now Pakatan big guns meet and work out a treaty!!! Least we forget, the citizens count on Pakatan to support the people, not to support views for or against Hudud. This vertical chain of command smacks of feudalism. “ The road to hell is paved with good intentions’, but under Pakatan ‘benevolence’, they will remain children forever. This is how the masses are forever suppressed. For real Democracy to work, the horizontal way is to ask the Kelantan people in true humility , what do you want?

What is Hudud? This is a foremost question on Malaysian minds, which even Socrates would find it hard to answer, others pretend. As on record, JAIS so far is unable to come up with a policy statement, perhaps Silence is golden. If indeed Shariah Law is God’s law, how come  the One and Only Allah deem it fit for Kelantan Muslims and for other he subs it to Satan, which in this case, BN ?

We can only define Hudud in Malaysian context as the underbelly of PAS, its softest spot, where at the Party promises milk for its constituencies. Yes, its true, the milk of Divine Love can adjudicate all conditions, but who is so empowered with a heart of undefiled love minus the attitude of bigotry, prejudice and racism ? The zealots are bent on cleaning up our cups and plates on the outside while its contents remain filthy still,  will make a law unto themselves, while denying our Prophets the fire of their words to clean first the contents within.

DAP just don’t believe in such crude Medieval exposure and UMNO just don’t care, and would rather see Kelantan showcase a failed state. The Nons are unable to jive into this scene, perceiving it to be an offensive fondling of private parts, be it promiscuity, debauchery, theft or trafficking (which hudud don’t recognize as crimes). Jokes aside, Hudud would only be as useful as a cup of water in a thunderstorm as they seek recourse to other form of jurisdiction, either to balance past life karma by doing good works OR  the violet flame invoked to transmute sin.

Politics in the rough and tough road. DAP is now accused of sweeping Hudud under PAS carpet. Before the Opposition gets further decapitated by the venom injected at this late hour towards a political genocide. A mere change of clothes to suit each occasion cannot save Pas especially when it is rigged from within, and many a ravenous wolf wear sheep clothing, will have a field day with their band of hired assassins. Not a liberal Malay leader but a Bomoh is needed with the fire to exorcise demons and compel foul spirits it to flee from the Pas camp.

The cue is now in Nik Aziiz’s hand. The honest public want to know both sides of the story and not to believe in Chua Soy Lek alone.  To hear the word is from the horse’s mouth.  People listen, tongues wag  as he tries to give it a forward spin, in unison  or reaction, win or lose. Well, good luck to him. 

Nik Aziz is the supreme icon of PAS and the face of Pas is Nik. Without Nik, PAS as it is will not exist, and without PAS, Hudud remains an empty cup.  The portrayal of an Islamic Eldorado which Nik Aziz and Nasarudin so idealized and idolized is no where found in any part of the world other than in their own state.

If Hudud Law have some merits, it is not a cure all for society, and care must be taken that the medicine is not worse than the disease.  Hudud is already an old invention, but care must be taken not to open a Pandora box simply for the sake of some ancient treasures locked in. Just as with any other Party in post Mahathir Malaysia, this is a new generation of voters.  Unless Pas reinvent itself before the GE to stay relevant, even in Kelantan, it will be too late thereafter. With Prominent Faces of our Future, like Nasarrudin and Ibrahim Ali to champion the Muslim/Malay agenda, they must not escape being groomed before they don the robes of the prophet.

We hope the Opposition is smart enough to seize this opportunity to turnaround the situation and not unnecessarily suffer collateral damage in the hands of BN ridicule. Here lies a great opportunity to rally the rank and file of the rakyat and forward an Exponential Revolution in the thinking mentality of Malaysians that will counteract Universal Ignorance.