Go on, take a peek at Nik Aziz’s hudud and see if you still want to remain silent on this issue

The People’s Parliament

Malaysiakini yesterday reported that Nik Aziz hopes to see a 2/3 majority secured in Parliament so that hudud can be implemented throughout the country.

More troubling, Malaysiakini’s Susan Loone quoted Nik Aziz as saying that at a “recent meeting between Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Selangor, the DAP, that fiercely opposed the law, had accepted Kelantan’s proposal to enact it within the state”.

I sent the following sms to several DAP leaders this morning : Mkini yday reported that DAP has acceded to hudud being implemented in Kelantan. True or false?

Replies came back fast and furious.

Charles Santiago : False

Hannah Yeoh : Not True.

Ronnie Liu : Not true. hudud remains as a dream for PAS and we must respect that as a fact, but it is not a shared dream of my party for our society is a multireligious one.

Tony Pua : To be polite, completely inaccurate.

Lim Guan Eng : False

Karpal Singh : Not true

Guan Eng called me a little while ago to say that he spoke at the 60th anniversary PAS meet in Kepala Batas last night, where, before a large audience, he reiterated DAP’s stand of opposing the implementation of hudud.

“There is no provision for the implementation of hudud in Pakatan’s common policy or the Buku Jingga. I repeated before the crowd what I have said previously. If hudud is implemented, I and the rest of the DAP leadership will resign our party posts”, Guan Eng said.

Guan Eng’s word is good enough for me.

DAP remains the proverbial ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ in defending our secular nation.