Voters want new Umno candidates for polls, says Muhyiddin

(The Malaysia Insider) – Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today admitted voters generally want new Umno candidates for the next general election, saying that feedback received by the party showed that some people are tired of the “old” names.

The Umno deputy president however stressed that there would be a mix of young and “not-so-young” candidates who will contest in the upcoming polls.

“Winnable candidates, the most important thing is whether the candidate can be accepted and can win, even though that candidate has been the division chief for a long time, won uncontested and became MP before.

“But when we ask people they say ‘Ah that person has been around too long we are tired, we want someone new.’ That is the feedback we get,” he told reporters here.

Muhyiddin, who is deputy prime minister, said there will be a balance between candidates who are “young, energetic, qualified, lovable” and those who are experienced and are useful to party.

“Even though Umno likes a (particular) candidate, but people don’t like, this cannot be a basis to keep a candidate.

“Whether a candidate holds posts in the party is immaterial. What matters is whether the candidate can win,” he said.

He acknowledged that there may be dissatisfaction among Umno leaders who are not chosen or are dropped as candidates, but maintained that the party leadership will be able to keep things under control.