‘Anwar’s moles digging Najib’s grave?’

An Utusan Malaysia columnist suggests that the opposition leader’s loyalists may have infiltrated strategic government bodies to topple Najib.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Utusan Malaysia, the daily which is no stranger to controversies, has now claimed that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s loyalists may have infiltrated strategic government bodies.

And their motive, according to the Umno-owned publication, was to provide the opposition with confidential information to undermine Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

However, columnist Zaini Hassan who wrote the article titled “Musang berbulu ayam dalam badan-badan strategik kerajaan?” (Wolves in sheep’s clothing in strategic government bodies?) did not name the agencies involved.

He also stated that he was not sure if this was a mere coincidence or a well-crafted plot. But if it was the latter, the writer warned that it was a dangerous situation which could jeopardise the current government.

“The information I received shows that it is real and evident,” he said.

According to Zaini, the information he had obtained revealed that the “enemies within” were feeding the opposition with confidential information pertaining to Najib such as details on the costs of the prime minister’s official trips and holidays abroad.

The article also suggested that certain strategic bodies now appeared incapable of performing their tasks following the presence of these “elements”.

Zaini’s informant had stated: “I do not wish to provide more examples, but see for yourself how a federal government agency (the name kept confidential) with the important task of defending the policies of the government and to make the public understand (about these policies) so that they would support the prime minister, could absorb and even use the intruments of the opposition working to ‘kill’ the prime minister.”

Confidential information

“This is the victory of Anwar Ibrahim, delivered by his strongman in that particular organisation, and (who) is still slowly bringing in (more of) Anwar’s people. The applications to bring in new officers are pending with the JPA (Public Service Department) and SPA (Public Service Commission).”

On Najib’s overseas trips and holidays, the informant had asked how could the opposition obtain such detailed information in an expeditious manner.