Hah! Padan muka! (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

Do you know how low I felt, the nephew of Malaysia’s Agong having to join the ranks of the illegal Indonesian immigrants selling food on the streets of Sungai Buloh? I felt, in the interest of justice, I should have at least been given two months notice, not sacked on the spot just three days after the general election.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Yes, padan muka (serves you right)! I am talking about the two items below. 

Let’s talk about the Human Rights Party (Hindraf) piece first (below).

They lament that for 40 years the Indians have been sidelined. That means since 1970 or so.

Why lament? I have been telling the Indians the same thing for 35 years or so since I first became politically active in the 1970s. I remember, when I told the Indians this, they refused to listen. So now, padan muka! You made your bed, now lie in it. And I hope you suffer more before it gets better. There is no better lesson than suffering.

When I said that MIC cannot and will not look after the Indian interest, the Indians replied that they regard Samy Vellu as a God. They revered Samy Vellu even as the MIC President was selling out the Indians.

Do you know how much Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad gave to MIC? But NONE went to the Indians. It all went into the pockets of the MIC leaders. Go ask Dr Mahathir if you want the full details. And while the MIC leaders plundered whatever Dr Mahathir gave the Indians, the Indians sembah Samy Vellu like he was God.

I once asked (back in the 1980s) a senior Umno leader: why do the Indians still keep Samy Vellu as their leader when he is not helping the Indians? And this Umno leader replied that it is not the Indians but Umno who was keeping Samy Vellu as the MIC leader. This is because Samy Vellu works for Umno, I was told.

Also, back in the 1980s, I had a meeting with Samy Vellu (I was then a central committee member of the Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to discuss some issues concerning the Malay contractors (they were being bankrupted by the 1980s world recession).

And do you know what Samy Vellu told me? He said: I am already doing so much for the Malays. I am a leader for the Malays, not for the Indians. Samy Vellu held up his right arm and said: Malay blood runs through my veins. Without Malay votes I will never become a Minister. So I will do everything within my power to help the Malays, he concluded.

But when I revealed this to the Indians they still sembah Samy Vellu and call him God.

I asked the Indians: why does Samy Vellu not negotiate with the government to start a FELDA scheme for the Indians, in particular the displaced and retrenched Indian estate workers? FELDA settlers are getting rich, I told them. They earn more than even university graduates. They are buying RM30,000 motorbikes (and that was back in the 1980s and 1990s mind you).

We have FELDA settlements for retired army and police personnel. Why not also one for the Indians? But no, Samy Vellu is God, even though all he needed to do was move his fat arse and it would have been a fait accompli — but he did not do so.

I personally asked Dr Mahathir why he gave all those shares, etc., to MIC and not directly to the Indians — like, say, start an ASI (Amanah Saham India)? Dr Mahathir replied that 90% of the Indians vote for MIC. So this means the Indians support MIC and regard it as their legitimate ‘wakil’.

So there you have it. 90% of the Indians vote for MIC. So MIC receives all the government aid on behalf of the Indians. But it never went to the Indians — while they sembah Samy Vellu and call him God.

Yes, I know, Raja Petra Kamarudin is a racist who whacks the Indians. Sudahlah! Podah! For 35 years I have been telling you this. And for 35 years you refused to listen. Now suffer. I am enjoying this ‘I told you so!’. It’s the best birthday present I ever had — the pleasure I get from telling you ‘I told you so’ after 35 years of failing to wake you Indians from your sleep.

Now, on the second piece (below).

Pakatan Rakyat is grumbling that the mainstream media (MSM) is lying and distorting what they say. Again, padam muka! Soon after the 1999 general election — together with Zunar, the late Rustam Sani, Zul Sulong and a few others — we launched the ‘Boikot TV3, Utusan and NST’ campaign.

The opposition coalition of PKN (now PKR), DAP, PAS and PRM — called Barisan Alternatif — shot it down. They disagreed. They said we must practice freedom of the media. So no ‘Boikot TV3, Utusan and NST’ campaign.

We said that freedom of the media is fine, but not freedom to lie and distort. Eventually, we had to launch it as a ‘private initiative’ outside the party. The four opposition parties would not support the campaign. I was pissed big-time.

During one press conference in the run-up to the 1999 general election, I chased TV3 out of the office and threatened them with violence if they ever tried to gatecrash again. The opposition leaders were very angry about this incident (which was reported on TV3 that same night). And, three days after the general election, I was sacked from my post of media coordinator.

For many months my wife, Marina, had to fry curry puffs, which I went round Sungai Buloh to sell house-to-house. It was with tears in my eyes that I had to endure a life of hawking to be able to put food on the table — all because I was a loose cannon whom the party can’t seem to control.

Do you know how low I felt, the nephew of Malaysia’s Agong having to join the ranks of the illegal Indonesian immigrants selling food on the streets of Sungai Buloh? I felt, in the interest of justice, I should have at least been given two months notice, not sacked on the spot just three days after the general election.

Later, during the PKR party convention in Kelana Jaya, my wife put up a notice banning the MSM from entering the hall. She also placed bouncers at the entrance with a mandate to beat up anyone who tries to force their way in.

When the PKR Deputy President found out, he scolded us and told us to remove the sign. He instructed us to allow the MSM into the hall. My wife was fuming mad.

Yes, it has always been an uphill battle to fight back against the lying MSM. And the obstacle has always been the opposition itself. Then, when I gave an interview with TV3 in February this year (like how I have taught to do so by the opposition since 1999), I get whacked to kingdom come and get called all sorts of things.

I am happy that the opposition is now facing a problem with this Hudud issue that has been spun and distorted by the MSM. This is another lovely birthday present: the pleasure to say, “I told you so!”


A.S.N. launched 40 years ago with World Bank funds but lost opportunities for Indian poor. Only rich & poor Malay/Muslims benefitted.

With the RM 200 million pumped in to Amanah Saham Nasional (PNB) (presumably loan from the World Bank) this money was used not for all 1 Malaysian poor but for only the Malay-Muslims the rich and the poor.

With this money loans were given to the Malay-Muslims to buy shares in PNB and the repayments were deducted from the dividends, bonus, etc. So the estimated 17 million Malay-Muslims got for “free” at tens of thousands ringgit each after 40 years.

This was made possible largely by the UMNO government selling prime pieces of land in the KL city and in major towns. Also by the sale of the UMNO government blue chip shares and prime high yielding investments of PNB.

Also this way PNB today after 40 years is worth RM 150 billion (source: PNB website). But only redistributed to the rich and poor Malays under UMNO’s agenda in socially engineering the Indian poor if not to become poorer.

And to the exclusion and segregation of the Indian poor many of whom have become relatively poorer in these 40 years.

But 1Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak says this is the real 1Malaysia.



We never threatened to quit Pakatan Rakyat: DAP

DAP has strongly denied that its secretary general Lim Guan Eng had threatened to quit Pakatan Rakyat’s leadership council due to differences over the Hudud law, and said MCA-controlled The Star, which has been dedicating its pages on the Islamic deterrent punishment for serious crimes, had twisted his words.

In a letter today, Lim’s political secretary Zairil Khir Johari stressed that Lim had instead pledge that the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) would resign en-masse “if anyone can prove that Hudud law would be implemented in the Common Policy Framework (CPF) or Buku Jingga that has been presented to the public.”

Buku Jingga, or the Orange Book, outlines the coalition’s common policies in governance as well as reforms it said would be carried out within the first hundreds days of power at the Federal level.

According to Zairil, the paper had initially published a correct report on its online version, but the next day, it said DAP would quit PR, under the heading “DAP leaders threaten to quit Pakatan council”.

“This is categorically untrue as Lim had neither made any threats to quit the Pakatan Rakyat leadership council, nor the Pakatan Rakyat in general,” he said, and urged the daily to explain the stark contradictions.

Earlier, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek threatened to pull out from Barisan Nasional if UMNO lent support to any attempt by Kelantan to implement the popular Hudud laws there. 

This followed a statement by UMNO deputy president Muhyiddin Yasin saying that as a Muslim, he could not oppose the laws, but would not implement them at present.

Yesterday, PR issued a gag order on leaders across the three parties from issuing any statements on the hudud row, until they meet on September 28.

“We do not want to blame anyone for having issued statements about hudud but it has been blown out of proportion now.

“Hence we decided that until the 28th (Wednesday), there must be no longer any statements issued on this matter from all three parties, whether PAS, PKR or DAP,” said PAS secretary general Mustafa Ali, in a joint statement with his PKR counterpart Saifuddin Nasution and DAP deputy secretary general Anthony Loke.



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