DAP wants PAS president to make official stand on Islamic state agenda

(The Star) – DAP, apparently tired of dealing with Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, wants PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to clear the air on the hudud controversy.

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said it was important for the PAS president to make a clear stand on the matter.

He said Nik Aziz, PAS’ spiritual adviser, is “not part of the leadership proper” in Pakatan Rakyat and had, therefore, no bearing on the coalition.

“Hadi should come up with a statement as he is the authoritative figure in the party, especially as he had declared during the recent PAS muktamar that his party is no longer pursuing the Islamic state agenda,” added Karpal.

He said it was clear during PAS’ muktamar in June that the party had given up on pursuing its Islamic state agenda.

“Therefore, the hudud issue should not arise,” he said.

In his Facebook posting, Nik Aziz said he could resolve the matter with Karpal without involving the media.

Hadi could not be reached for comments as he is currently abroad, believed to be in Iran.

In SEREMBAN, DAP stalwart Dr Chen Man Hin said it would be a “mission impossible” for PAS to implement hudud laws in Kelantan with or without the support of its allies in the Pakatan coalition because the Federal Constitution does not allow it.

“It is not wrong for PAS to think it is good to have hudud but they should also accept the fact that it cannot be done,” said the former DAP chief, who is now the party’s life adviser.

Dr Chen, considered the Grand Old Man of DAP, once took the party into a coalition that also involved PAS and the now-defunct Parti Semangat 46 but left after a rift over the Islamic state issue pursued by PAS.

He said Pakatan leaders should stop dwelling on the matter, adding that the Supreme Court had, in 1988, ruled that Malaysia is a secular state.

Asked on comments by Nik Aziz and PAS Youth that DAP was free to leave the Pakatan coalition if it was not comfortable with hudud law, Dr Chen said: “They may be entitled to their opinion but it is not being diplomatic.”

When asked as to why Karpal Singh was the only DAP leader talking openly on the matter, Dr Chen said this was because he was a legal expert and one who had dealt with the issue for many years.

“The DAP leaders talk about this among us and Karpal makes our stand public,” he said.