Who needs an Islamic state?


I posted this here on 23rd April, 2008. I am reproducing that post here as a timely reminder to PAS and ourselves.

Well, PAS thinks we do.

And if PAS had its way, we’d be an ‘Islamic State’ today.

Whatever ‘Islamic State’ means.

Hope PAS knows because I haven’t a clue although, looking around at the goings-on in some nation states that would have us believe they are ‘Islamic States’ sends a chill right down the spine!

And its fair to assume that at some point, PAS will want to share with the rest of us their grand plan for this ‘Islamic State’, going by what YB Dr Zulkifly Ahmad said at a talk bearing the same title as this post last Sunday in KL and as reported in the Star.

I quote Dr Zul :

‘We are not pulling it (setting up of an Islamic state) back. It is still an issue that matters to us but we are allowing more time for the electorate to understand us better. The more important agenda now is reinstating democracy and good governance’

PAS is allowing more time for the electorate, you and I, to understand them better before they…

So they dropped ‘Islamic State’ from their 2008 election manifesto.

And they endorsed our People’s Declaration.

And they are now part of Pakatan Rakyat.

So what?

Not for one moment in the run up to the last elections and thereafter have I deluded myself that PAS has abandoned its aspiration to establish an ‘Islamic State’.

Dr Zul’s statement as quoted above, as such, came as no surprise to me.

Another statement, though, left me wondering if the good doctor is himself deluded about how and why PAS did so well with the non-Muslim voters this time round. Will return to this shortly.

In truth, PAS’s stance of not pushing their ‘Islamic State’ agenda to the fore at this time and the stance of many of us who, whilst wary of their ‘Islamic State’, gave PAS our vote, are both instances of pragmatic politics.

Calculated, pragmatic politics.

Just as DAP, PAS and PKR forging Pakatan Rakyat is pragmatic politics.

If PAS cannot expect those of us who aspire to retain the secular state established under the Federal Constitution  to give up just because we gave them our vote this time round, can anyone fairly expect PAS to abandon its ‘Islamic State’ agenda just because they are now part of the Pakatan?

Well, YB Karpal Singh does!

Malaysiakini reports that, responding to Dr Zul, Karpal said :

‘It is incongruous for PAS to insist on having on its agenda (the) Islamic state and at the same time work with the other two parties in the Pakatan Rakyat…PAS should give an assurance that its leaders, including Kelantan Mentri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat and PAS president (Abdul) Hadi Awang will not publicly clamour in turning Malaysia into an Islamic state’

Why is it incongruous?