Religion vs Politics

By John Doe

Greetings. Firstly, I believe I owe some of you all an explanation for yesterday’s “Top 10 Reasons why Hudud is good“, it was an experiment done on MT readers as a means of a gauge on the MT populace. In line with the recently opened anonymity and the allowance of comments from unregistered commentators, I wondered what MT readers really felt in their hearts.

From a bird’s eye view, it approximated what  was initially anticipated. I was however slightly disappointed  that few had things of real substance to say, and of course, you had the occasional “Jar-Jar Binks” archetype who hopped around screaming for attention. What was worrying however, was the curiosity that why so few people openly condemned what I stated. 

The list which I presented yesterday consisted of nothing more than the most often misquoted and abused texts of the Holy Quran. And surprisingly, they were not misquoted by non-Muslims, but by Muslims themselves. I even made a glaring mistake in naming the Sabbath as a Friday instead of a Saturday, and save one, no one else picked it up. I did deliberately pick on the Quran, as someone rightly pointed out, for this short “test” because of its relevance to Malaysia. Do feel free to watch footage on YouTube for the following.

I’ll give you the brief run-down. Any NGO can confirm the following list.

Item 1 was the supposed justification of wife-beating. 

Item 2 was the supposed justification of amputations.

Item 3 was the supposed justification of multiple wives.

Item 4 was the supposed justification of marriage to under-aged girls

Item 5 was the supposed justification of Slavery from Prisoners of War.

Item 6 was the supposed justification of anti-semitism.

Item 7 was the supposed justification of marrying your daughter in-law.

Item 8 was the supposed justification of inequality of Gender

Item 9 was the supposed justification of inequality of the distribution of wealth

and item 10 is the most often used supposed justification of the annihilation of non-Muslims by Suicide Bombers.


None picked up on this. In fact, I was complaining to my friends, while watching some of the updates. I asked “Where are the fireworks? Where are the screams of my gross (and deliberate) misinterpretation?” I was actually pretty glad when someone actually challenged me to the justification of child-brides, and I was really hesitant to give my reply, pensive if I might give the game away. Be assured that my best intentions are for Malaysia. My only wish being that Malaysian would start to think for themselves. I received an email this morning asking if “I had sold my soul to the Devil” for writing such a piece. Rest assured that I have not. 

It makes me sad however, that Malaysians have been brought up to simply absorb, and absorb, and absorb whatever is taught to them, and regurgitate it during exams. There is never any desire to think out-of-the-box. Teachers tell you time and again to toe-the-line instead. This hinders personal thought, cripples creativity and retards growth. This method of learning merely makes one a foot soldier, suitable only for deployment as a faceless statistic. If you want to be a leader, then you need to stop being a foot soldier. On the flip-side however, UMNO loves to have such demure citizens. Ever looking up to them, ever willing to provide corruption money to them, and in a cruder way, ever-willing to “kiss and suck up” to anyone with a Title, be it earned or bought.

The whole point of the exercise yesterday was to show how easy it is to manipulate ANY Religion, by throwing in a few verses of scripture, and then use whatever “revelation” or “enlightenment” , thus allowing for pretty much ANY INTERPRETATION for WHATEVER intentions imaginable. Of course I am acutely aware of Catholic Priests and Imams who rape, Temple Priests who rob, and Monks who give themselves $5million loans. Point is they succeed not because their Religion is bad. These villains succeed because their “flock” is gullible. Please stop being gullible. I cannot say this enough times. Religions are so easy to manipulate given the correct opportunity, and “Holy-sounding words”  Please educate and equip yourself for your own good. I mean this in the most sincere way. Read, digest and learn your Holy Book often, and in a Language which you understand, so that you are not easily misled. In fact, I personally gain nothing if you succeed in this. My only reward being the slight satisfaction that I could help contribute towards a better Malaysia. A Malaysia which is free of tyranny. A truly free Malaysia.

It is now time the Rakyat took back this freedom. A freedom lost for exactly 500 years since 1511, when the Portuguese colonized Malaya. From a Merdeka which UMNO now claims never happened, and the Malaysia which helped them acquire the Colony States of Sabah and Sarawak. I look forward to this New Merdeka. 

True to my word, I, John Doe will never let Malaysians down.