Wake Up From Narrow, Race-Based Politics

By Teresa Kok

I am very surprised by MCA Youth National Chairman Wee Ka Siong’s statement accusing me of misleading and stirring the Indian community, particularly the school board of SJKT Castlefield, against the Chinese community, simply for having helped the school board highlight their school and application problem.

(Source: http://www.mca.org.my/en/dap-exco-teresa-kok%E2%80%99s-failure-to-sjkt-castlefield-non-comprehension-of-national-land-code-exposed/)

Wee’s statement shows that he views every issue from the angle of race and that MCA cannot wake up from Barisan Nasional’s narrow, race-based politics. His statement will only make the school board of SJKT Castlefield even more annoyed with MCA and Wee himself.

Wee is trying to racialise this issue to cover-up the mishandling of SJKT Castlefield’s land application by the Education Ministry.

It was the Education Department who advised them to apply for that plot of school reserve land at Wawasan Puchong which they had already approved for SJKC Kheng Chee. I had never advised SJKT Castlefield to apply for that particular school reserve land nor was I ever involved in the application process.

I must stress here that the school board members have been meeting with the Education Department to apply for suitable relocation site ever since the school board of SJKT Castlefield learnt that their school land would be encroached upon by 6 LRT pillars.

When Wee heard the news of SJKT Castlefield’s application, as Deputy Education Minister, he should have met with the schoolboard of SJKT Castlefield and Education Ministry officers concerned to get the whole picture of what had actually transpired.

He should not have racialised this issue and attacked me with unfounded accusations.

I urge Wee Ka Siong to stop twisting SJKT Castlefield school land issue with racial remarks and untruths. The more he does that, the more he shows that MCA is on the verge of political bankruptcy that he has to stoop so low to play up racial issues.

I also urge Wee and MCA leaders to quit spreading the lie that I had ever said that the Selangor State Government has approved 8 pieces of school land for Chinese schools. I have never made such a statement. The Petaling District Chinese Primary School Development Committee has also issued a statement to confirm this.