Outside force working to destroy Kita

Kita central executive committee member KS Kottapan says that there is a puppet-master orchestrating the attacks against Zaid Ibrahim.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Certain money-minded leaders are the cause of the rift in Kita, central executive committee member KS Kottapan claimed today.

He said that these leaders, who have been openly criticising party president Zaid Ibrahim in the past two weeks, wanted to drive the party in the wrong direction.

He added that some of these critics have been sacked by the party. He also alleged that these sacked leader were being manipulated by some outside force to destabilise Kita.

“I received a telephone call on Sept 13 midnight from a party leader, inviting me for a meeting. He said he was organising the meeting without Zaid’s knowledge, and aimed at toppling Zaid as the party chief,” he told FMT today.

However, the meeting did not take place as the said leader was sacked from the party the next day.

“I strongly believe someone from behind the screen is the puppet master. He is orchestrating the attacks on Zaid and Kita,” Kottapan said.

He added that the party has started investigating its internal problems involving the so-called “unhappy” leaders.

“We will get rid of all these viruses which are affecting Kita,” he said.

Kita has been rocked by internal turmoil following the sacking of its central executive committee member Muhammad Firdaus Christopher on Sept 14. Firdaus was also in charge of the party’s administration.

Along with Firdous, party secretary-general Abdul Latif Abdul Tambi and former treasurer Rashid Azad Khan were also given the boot for insulting Zaid and working against the party’s interest.

In retaliation, the trio charged that Zaid held a tight grip over the party, often acting as a dictator. They also said that there was no transparency in the nine-month-old party.

In recent days, several state Kita leaders have joined hands with the trio in attacking Zaid. Some have even called for Zaid to step down and hand over the party to younger leaders.