MACC officers held for RM1 mil ‘robbery’

The trio are alleged to have taken the money from money changers who were about to board a flight to Singapore.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Three Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) senior officers have been arrested in connection with an extortion-cum-robbery case involving RM1 million.

The alleged victims were said to be three money changers from Singapore.

According to a source familiar with the case, the money changers were at KLIA last Thursday night to board a flight to Singapore.

The source said the trio were carrying foreign currencies amounting to about RM2 million which they had declared to the customs authorities.

“When they alighted from the satelite train, the money changers were confronted by five men who identified themselves as MACC officers.

“The trio were then taken to a nearby eatery, where the MACC officers had demanded for US$100,000 from each money changer.

“When they refused, the officers took them to a toilet, where there are no CCTV cameras, and opened the bags containing the cash. The officers then took three bundles of US$100,000.

“The officers also warned the money changers not to report the matter,” claimed the source.