Change….What Change?

By Masterwordsmith

Since March 2008, there has been so much talk about about change but do we really know what change we want to see? Most have just been saying KICK OUT BN. That is not change. It is merely setting the platform for change. To be able to change, the rakyat and politicans need to deliberate over the type of constructive changes that we want to see in our country without lamenting that it is impossible but believing that together, we can do it.

Even though we claim to have a two-coalition system (albeit not formally),  the dominant coalition has shaped the political landscape to their advantage – almost transforming our system into a “single party in power” with the alternative coalition standing in the shadows and sometimes screaming for attention.  When abuse occurs, the rakyat are the biggest losers.

The inefficiency and lack of accountability of various departments leading to outlandish expenditures on nonsensical items, both big and small, must be stopped. It is downright irresponsible spending with no returns to $$$. Some have no qualms about grabbing whatever they can while they can because they can. We must report any abuse of power! There is a lot that needs to be done. Those who have not been performing up to mark must not be allowed to contest in the next GE. Period. We have to put in place worthy leader to make that change happen.

Many of us believe that voting for the Opposition is the only way to bring about change. That is just the starting point. If the Opposition has the interests of all at heart, I hope that their election machinery is oiled and cranked up in readiness for immediate action. Stop the mud-slinging! The Opposition must lead the way help to restore respect to politics from the current gutter politics.
While writing this post, I was chatting with Antares via Skype. He said:

“The negative traits that BN represents happen to be the lowest common denominator of the human ego – arrogance, greed, wanna be top dog, live in palaces, buy sex, luxury yachts, private jets. It is these attributes that make every jumno contractor aspire to live like some brain dead ruler.”

The good news is that we don’t have to suffer all those negative traits much longer as we have the next GE before us. The opportunity to change the entire government is in our hands. Being highly connected via the net and telephony systems, we have become highly social beings who can be better prepared to change. It is up to us to be part of that wheel of change that is spinning.