ISA, Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched


In what seems to be one of the most dramatized acts by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to swing middle-class voters in the coming general election into his camp, the premier raise some eyebrows when he announced that the cruel 1960 ISA (Internal Security Act)  and Emergency Ordinance, of which allow for indefinite detention without trial, would be repealed (*yawn*). However both would be replaced by two “new” laws supposedly against suspected militants. Obviously this is another rebranding exercise hoping to swing less intelligent voters from the opposition camps.

Heck, the sudden announcement caught many by surprise, even by huge crowds within the opposition. Hence one has to admit the latest move by PM Najib deserves some compliments – it was one hell of a good political advertising, tactical speaking. The opposition parties were in total chaos on how to react to such a brilliant political move by the ruling government. If PM Najib were to announce such move on the same day as budget day next month, he’s almost guaranteed of the lost two-third majority. Hold on a second! Didn’t Najib promised political and economic reforms in 2008 but the people have yet to see or at least feel the substance?

You really need a Einstein to explain why in the world would the ruling government abolish both laws, which had help the present government in suppressing and oppressing peoples’ basic freedom rights, particularly the opposition, for as long as one can remember. On the surface, it seems Najib administration has finally admitted something needs to be done in relation to the recent Bersih 2.0′s brutal crackdown. At least Najib recognizes the potential loss of more than 200,000 votes from the young generation, if the number of Facebookers asking for his resignation is anything to go by.